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troll votes on my guide and others to encourage...

Creator: PykEugeo October 18, 2022 1:00am
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Aug 8th, 2022
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in both guides, there are 2 nonsense comments from a community account that was created yesterday, you can check it yourself with the aim of bringing the master player guide to the fore and lowering all the other guides above the rating of 9, at 8.6-8.9. It is not fair that we should not only waste time on similar people to report them but also have to see their work of months and months being unjustly muddied for their own purposes. I noticed that both my guide and the other one have suffered 3 negative votes, because until last night I was at 53 votes yes and 6 no, so not only he will have voted no, but also 2 other accounts created by the same person , given the ease with which an account can be created. I ask you to cross out the 3 negative marks in both my guide and the other one.
In case it should repeat should I redo a thread like this?
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Oct 19th, 2018
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Hey @ PykEugeo,

The problem has been resolved. Next time this occurs send us a PM, thank you.
Thanks to Janitsu for the sig!

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