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Kled / Jax / Fiddlesticks to main

Creator: rag3_qu1t August 19, 2020 4:41pm
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Mar 25th, 2020
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I've been playing league for a little while now and since I am almost level 30, I am thinking of main a top lane champion (Since I play top almost exclusively). From all the videos I have seen on YouTube, the easiest way to climb would be to have a small champion pool. I have been playing Wukong for a while and have just have over 100 games on the champion. I am however looking to add another champion to my pool just in case Wukong is banned in a ranked game.

My goal is to climb to at least plat. I consider myself as an aggresive player and I don't really mind whether the champion is a split-pusher or a team fighter (Ideally they can do a little of both). I am currently considering either Kled or Jax to learn alongside Wukong before I start playing ranked games.

I know Jax is really good now but I do want a champion that is relatively strong most of the time. The pros of learning Jax would be that he can also be flexed to Jungle just in case I don't get my preferred role (I know it would be easier to get top than jg but just in case). The con is that I feel like he and Darius are very common bans in ranked (especially lower elo).

The pros of Kled is most people in low elo doesn't really know how to counter him since he is not a super common pick and because of the mount/ unmount mechanism. The con is he can only be played top from what I've seen.

The other champion that I have in mind is fiddlesticks. The pro is that he can be flexed to Jg or sp. However, I haven't really seen fiddle top.

What champion should I main. Also, I wouldn't want to put in an insane amount (like learning how to cancel animation on Riven) before I can start playing ranked.

Thank you so much for the suggestions :)
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Oct 19th, 2018
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I would just suggest to stick with Wukong and add in Kled & Jax to your pool. If any case you get autofilled to jungle you will have options to pick from, either jax or wukong. Otherwise you can learn these for toplane, if you really want to get better then I'd suggest Darius as well, pretty easy to learn how to play.

Don't bother playing Fiddlesticks. If you're not a jungle main or know what to do half of the time (you say that you play more toplane), then you're not going to get very far with it. You're going to get way less success with support as well so just stick to toplane like you already are doing right now.
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