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What the **** do you do

Creator: B-Wong June 1, 2011 11:13pm
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Jun 14th, 2010
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Trojan995 wrote:

Pick vayne, vayne counters everyone

For now

Nice ranked game bro. I don't think people tryhard as much in Normal games to go such a gay lane comp as Anivia Taric

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Dec 7th, 2010
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Premades they do, lol.

Hell, Alistair + Taric, Blitz + Taric, Morde + Vlad (************?), Xin + Taric.

Never tried those but probably would work pretty well.

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Jun 14th, 2011
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I seem to get away from Taric all the time. And you can't tell me EVERYONE is n00b that I have faced.
<Altruistic Artist>
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Aug 10th, 2010
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Egg anivia ASAP. Taric and Anivia have long CDs early game. You can probably score an egg at level 1.

Don't let Anivia zone you. Double stun isn't a fun thing to compete against but if you can farm up and get Anivia's egg down early invest in Merc Treads. Anivia is only a strong push when she has mana items to keep her ulti going to clear creeps. But with proper play if you can get them to over commit in a fight with a jungler waiting in the wings you can probably score a double kill.

Anivia is a high skill cap champ and to counter her it takes proper movement and paitence. But level 1 she has a stun and genereally ~400 HP. The reason some Anivias play so aggressively is because of their egg. take that out of the equation and you've got a squishie bird scared to push forward till she has some items and her egg back.
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