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Featured Guide: Sleepininthegarden's Lux Guide

Creator: Fruxo June 27, 2020 11:18pm
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Oct 19th, 2018
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Featured Guide

Embrace The Ethereal

When you hear Sleepininthegarden, you might already think Lux. As the author of one of the most visually pleasing and spectacular guides on the site, it’s very clear that a massive amount of work has been put into it in order to make this guide great. As for the content itself, Sleepininthegarden has made a huge effort in order to clearly explain their choices of runes, items, abilities and any kind of gameplay aspects that aspiring Lux players would love to know. If you’re interested in Lux, you have to check this one out!

Check It Out Now!

Thanks to Jovy for the sig!
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Jul 31st, 2019
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It's always an honor to be selected among the innumerable amount of stunning guides out there to be featured. This project was honestly my baby and it went through numerous changes from before it was released to the present time. I've never considered myself an artist and frankly, it was something I struggled heavily with so being able to create something like this was a dream come true. Thank you Fruxo and everyone else who takes the time to check out my guide, much love

Don't worry soon after coming close to nearly a year, I will be releasing a new guide.

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