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MOBAFire Season 13 Mini Guide Contest #2

Creator: Hades4u May 1, 2023 2:14am
<Lead Community Manager>
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Apr 15th, 2014
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Hey everyone and welcome to the second MOBAFire Mini Guide Contest of Season 13! As we've announced back in September 2022, the Midseason guide contest has been replaced by multiple Mini Guide Contests hosted throughout the year. With this change we're hoping to increase the number of fresh guides for champions that don't get as much attention as others.

Check out the details below to learn how you can win up to $200 value in prizes and let us know what you think about the new format! πŸ†

Season 13 Mini Guide Contest #2
Taking part in this community event is simple. Anyone can create or update guides during the following 4 weeks for any of the 30 champions listed below. Guides must fulfill the requirements of a Full Guide to be eligible (a complete build plus 3,000+ characters of body text, including BBCode) to participate.

There will be 5 winners that will receive their choice of $200 USD in the form of RP Codes, Amazon Gift Cards or cash paid by PayPal or bank, and 3 honorable mentions that will receive a $50 RP Code each. In addition, winners and honorable mentions will receive a special badge to commemorate their great achievement!

The featured champions of this Mini Guide Contest are the following:

Keep in mind that you don't have to rush your guide-writing. We want you to take your time and put in your best effort. Remember that most of your readers are new to the game and it's vital that the guide is easy to follow and well-written. You will have 4 weeks from the start of the contest, so there's enough time to polish your guide.

All eligible guides at the cutoff date will be reviewed by our judges and the winners selected. Don't forget to thoroughly update your guide! If parts of your guide are outdated, your guide may be disqualified.

The judges of this Mini Guide Contest are @ Jovy and @ Sovereign Kitten. Since the amount of eligible champions is smaller and more focused for the Mini Guide Contests, the number of judges has also been adjusted and our usual judges will join the panel on rotation.

Pro Tips From The Judges
We always receive questions about what the judges are looking for and what else should authors focus on. Here's a list of pro tips from multiple judges of our guide contests that will hopefully help when creating and updating your guide. If you have any other questions for the judges or would like to discuss with other authors, feel free to join our Discord!

Pro Tips:
  • πŸ“ General - Make use of the Threats & Synergies tools or create your own section in the guide. Counters and matchups are very popular topics that readers are looking for and they're a vital part of any guide. Teaching your readers how to handle different matchups will make a significant difference!

  • πŸ“ General - Winning doesn't require impressive coding or graphics, simply keeping it reader friendly, clean and organized, with basic coding and design can be enough as long as your content is relevant, well written and easy to read.

  • πŸ“ General - Your guide should only contain optimal builds and possible substitutes in a nicely organized way. For instance, it's not very pleasing or intuitive to find a multitude of builds with only one different item between them. Most readers are looking for the most optimal build and finding it easily and quickly is important. Having too many builds can be confusing, it's best to think from the perspective of newer players! (example)

  • πŸ„ Top - Focus more on explaining the main concepts revolving around the top side. It's more than just sitting in the "Island" for 20 minutes straight farming and catching each other out while avoiding ganks / spam pinging your allies. Explain in detail when and how you should control minion waves to rotate the enemies jungle, assist your mid lane or simply shove the lane all game. This is especially important if your champion has terrible wave management and suffers a tower shove level 1 - 3 compared to a champion that can easily deal with it. Explain the upsides and downsides.

    • Example - The average Jungler will be top side by 3:30 - 4:00 depending on their clear speed. Knowing this you can prepare for it with proper warding and minion control to flank them with your ally in the river preventing the aid from their Top for a good 15 seconds unless they would prefer to miss a full minion wave of gold and EXP which ultimately would set them behind in the early game giving you a slight lead.

    • Example - Backing to base at 6 minutes is very important. Staying longer is oftentimes a waste of resources, and potential roam. If you have a lead why not talk about the ability to rotate reset timers. If you and your allies stole the enemies (Red Side) at the start of the game, it will come back up at exactly 7 minutes. If you back to base at 6, you're stronger enough to shove the next wave for a quick roam at 7 to steal it / catch them out, setting them behind and you further ahead.

  • 🌳 Jungle - As jungle relies as much on macro as on mechanical skill, explaining jungle concepts beyond the specific champion is a huge plus. How to gain information and track the enemy jungler so you can always be one step ahead? How to identify your win conditions and pick which lanes to gank? How to play around enemy invades and recover from a bad start... All this info can be quite overwhelming for new players, so clean formatting and presentation is key to make the guide digestible.

  • πŸš‘ Support - Have a dedicated chapter devoted to warding, as it's one of the most important jobs supports undertake. Use the warding map tool or make your own to provide visual aid to your readers!

  • πŸš‘ Support - Synergies are a great addition to a support guide. Let your readers know which Marksmen in particular synergise super well with your support. It's not necessary to mention ALL possible Marksmen - they don't need to know how well Thresh pairs with Teemo or Quinn. However, include either super popular Marksmen or Marksmen that have especially good synergy with your support.

  • πŸš‘ Support - Match-ups are another great addition. Like synergies, it's important to list top 5/10/X champions that do well against your champion, and top 5/10/X champions that do poorly against your champion. This lets readers know when is the best time to pick this support, and when they should maybe pick a different champion.

  • 🏹 ADC - Focus more on teaching your readers how to properly survive and farm. The ADC is every team's main source of damage and not buying the right items on time and getting killed too often might decrease your odds of victory. Think through each stage of the game and dedicate a chapter to explaining proper survival and resource management, playing safely in lane, matchups and synergies, anything relevant to increase your chances of winning your lane and the match.

  • πŸ§™ Mid - Focus on explaining the key concepts that are not only necessary to excel on your champion, but also as a mid laner (game plan, power spikes, priority, wave management, trading pattern, roaming, vision control, jungle tracking, etc.). Teach the readers how to play the champion at the different stages of the game, and what the main goals are. Itemization is another important thing that can change depending on the team composition. Make sure to include a chapter about itemization that doesn't only explain what the item does, but also exactly when it's good to buy.

  • 🧬 Off Meta - Whenever you're going for an Off Meta guide it's important to include information specifically tailored to the Off Meta style. Only including an Off Meta build that is not properly explained in the guide (rationale, thought process, justification, etc.) is not enough.

  • ✨ Fabulous - Pick a theme and stick with it (bonus if it’s champion related). Pick your color palette carefully and try to keep your graphics within the chosen palette. Find out if you want the palette to be something monochromatic, cool on warm, warm on cool and so on. However, beware: try to keep the number of colors limited. Using too many all at once will distract readers from the guide and result in the opposite of what the colors were intended to do.

  • ✨ Fabulous - Simple is sometimes better! Try to make text and graphics go hand in hand with each other. Brush away outdated graphics before adding modern graphics or fancier code. Experiment with code to find something new to help and change up your guide’s design and always keep everything interesting. Look up references! Everyone looks for inspiration or artwork to find ideas to go for when designing their guide and that’s perfectly find, just make sure not to copy someone else’s work. πŸ˜‰

  • ✨ Fabulous - When formatting a guide an underrated element is space. Too little space makes a guide cramped, busy and overall hard too read. Focus on keeping it clean! However, too much space makes a guide boring, and makes it hard to view multiple elements at once. There is a sweet spot in-between, which allows your readers to have a break whenever they need it, while not making them fall asleep. This advice on space extends also to other imagery and icons: having too much of them at once or making them too big distracts readers from the guide itself.

The Fine Print
  • Open to registered MOBAFire members only. Not a member? Register now and craft your guide!

  • Contest is worldwide. However, we can only gift RP PINs to players on servers which accept them. If your server does not accept RP PINs and you cannot accept bank payments, we may be unable to give you your RP reward.

  • Contest will be closed on May 29th, 2023 at 11:59pm PST.

  • After contest is closed there will be a 2 week judging period.

  • Your guide must be updated throughout the contest and judging period to be eligible to win.

  • Attempting to bribe, harass or in any other way influence a judges' decision may lead to disqualification and a ban for future contests.

  • Participants can only win once. However, depending on the number of quality guides, the number of winners or amount of times a participant can win might vary, at the discretion of the judges and MOBAFire admins.

  • Winners will be notified by email after the judging period and will have 7 days to claim their prize.

Useful Resources:
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Apr 26th, 2017
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep May 1, 2023 2:17am | Report
Now this looks like a champion pool I can make a guide on! :D
Caitlyn, Senna, Ashe, Miss Fortune? Don't mind if I do!
Best of luck everyone <3
Sovereign Kitten
<Teemo Master>
Sovereign Kitten's Forum Avatar
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Jan 23rd, 2016
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep May 1, 2023 3:49am | Report
Ah... Let's go!
The great thing about multitasking is that several things can go wrong at once.
V1kt0r555's Forum Avatar
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Nov 1st, 2021
Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep May 1, 2023 4:06am | Report
Good luck everyone!!

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