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MOBAFire Special Christmas Giveaway!

Creator: Hades4u December 21, 2020 6:04am

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Jul 28th, 2020
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A Couple Christmas ago my Grandma was feeling her age and found that shopping for Christmas gifts had become too difficult. So she decided to send gift cards to everyone instead so that they could choose their own gift. In each card, she wrote, "Buy your own present!" and mailed them early. She enjoyed the usual flurry of family festivities, and it was only after Christmas that she noticed that she had received very few cards in return. Puzzled over this, she went into her study, intending to write to a couple of her relatives and ask what had happened. It was then, as she cleared off her cluttered desk that she got his answer. Under a stack of papers, she was horrified to find the gift checks which she had forgotten to enclose with the cards.
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Oct 25th, 2019
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here is a photo of my families Christmas tree :D
AlekeyJr's Forum Avatar
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Jul 29th, 2020
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So here are my Christmas trees, the first one is the one we have with our grandparents, the second one is the one we have with my family, it has pictures as decoration, pictures of important moments, like graduations, ceremonies, special dinners or lunchs, and so on, and the third one, is my favorite one! I practice a lot of magic and Cardistry (visual movements with cards), in my country, we have a Playing Cards provider called "Andromeda Decks", so, we made this special and cute Christmas Tree decorated with playing cards from different brands and so. These Christmas Trees have represented my year, Spending more time with my family, remembering the special moments, practicing and buying playing cards for my collection :D

Merry Christmas and happy holidays for everyone!
Asternova's Forum Avatar
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Sep 21st, 2020
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A dream Christmas gift for me would definetly be a Sailor Moon themed necklace for my mother, Sailor Moon is her favorite show since she was young, she smiles of true happiness just by seeing references on TV and loves to talk about it, so i think she would love it. After all she's done for me, a simple gesture like this is the least i could do, it might take a while, but one day i'll gift it to her, she deserves it.
"The little things in life are what makes it so fun...★"
pref1x88's Forum Avatar
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Oct 5th, 2020
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In the past couple of years I've been lucky enough to to have Christmas tree bigger than the one at the town square right in front of my home. The owner of the nearby store puts Christmas lights on some of the trees next to his shop as advertisement. Here are the photos of the trees from this and from the last year. Merry Christmas! 🎅 🎅 🎅
Also sorry for the bad quality photos. Couldn't find a better one from last year and right now the fog outside is a huge problem.
Truxit's Forum Avatar
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Jul 24th, 2020
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This year my Christmas tree was especially special because my dog (seen in the picture :D) just fully recovered from a dog bite he got during the summer. This was the first Christmas he fully experienced with me and my family and it was definitely a wonderful time.
Guoblide's Forum Avatar
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Jun 15th, 2020
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I've got nothing better to do right now so I'm going to just answer them all.
This Christmas has been especially eventful and memorable due to it being so different from past Christmases. My family didn't travel or visit family this year due to travel being unsafe because of Covid-19. It is also my dogs first Christmas where there were no outside visitors which she loved as she hates people she doesn't know. This Christmas my family got on a Zoom call with other relatives for Christmas so we could still interact with them without having to travel. It was a great idea and it was nice that I got to see my relatives for Christmas, even if it wasn't in person.
This may seem strange but my favorite Christmas food is an Omelette. Around the holidays my family always stocks up on fancy meat and vegetables for the holidays. I love taking these ingredients and throwing them in Omelettes to make a festive food that makes the Holidays feel special. The picture below shows the Omelette I made yesterday which had some fancy cheese and some leftover sausage from the Christmas brunch that I had with my family.
My favorite Christmas movie is probably The Grinch (2000). I love this variation of The Grinch as it is a unique and humorous take on the original Grinch and I think Jim Carrey kills it at being over the top and loud (But then again he is a very over the top actor in general). My family watches The Grinch occasionally but not everyone is a fan of it so sometimes we don't watch and choose to watch another more calming Christmas movie.
My favorite Christmas gift that I got this year was a set of measuring spoons. I love baking and I tend to bake a lot more over the holidays so I am always in need of more baking supplies. This gift was also great because I was missing some of my old measuring spoons (The 1/2 tablespoon went missing over the Summer). I can't wait to put them to use this weekend!
This Christmas I put up Christmas lights around the tree outside my house. It took a bit of work but the end result was one big Christmas tree! It doesn't look as good during the day so I also added a picture of it at night.
LoveYaSenpai's Forum Avatar
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Sep 19th, 2020
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My christmas treeeeeeeeeeee
Us: LoveYaSenpai
StarForger's Forum Avatar
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Nov 13th, 2020
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Here is a family/funny Christmas story:

A couple of years ago we decided to welcome the new year with both of my father's brothers, my ucles! And actually, my cousins made it there too including Jake. Jake is infamous in our family for his constant pranks to everyone. That year he overdone it a bit so everyone was kinda fed up with his silly jokes. We were about 13 people gathered at my uncle's house and we were chatting and spending time with our loved ones while my aunt was finishing the table so we can all eat together. After we ate there was about half an hour until midnight and everyone was impatient for the new year to come. So minutes before the clock ticking 00:00 we gathered and decided to turn of the lights at 12 o'clock and turn them back on a bit after midnight to welcome the new year. And guess who was set in charge of that, Jake! So we switched off all the christmas lights etc and when midnight came, Jake turned the lights off. But as soon as he was about to turn them back on there was a blackout. I can't describe you the situation when everyone thought it was another prank and everyone started yelling at him in the dark and poor Jake didn't even know what happened. Well, a couple minutes later the lights came back on and after many Jake's oaths that he didn't kept the lights off on purpose, peace finally came back in the house and everyone started hugging each other. The day after, we learned about the blackoout and apologized to Jake who promised to stop the silly jokes as he had taken his lesson. The end :D

Here is also a picture of our Christmas tree this year:

Happy holidays to everyone and may the new year bring less Coronavirus and more Corona 🍺 hehe!
thekillersimon12's Forum Avatar
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Sep 24th, 2020
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Marry Christmas everyone! Hope yall doing well and having fun with the family!

My dream gift for Christmas is a Katana(something like that in the photo i shared)! I really love swords in general, i actually has one, but is in my other house so i cant share it with you guys.

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