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MOBAFire Special Christmas Giveaway!

Creator: Hades4u December 21, 2020 6:04am

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Dec 21st, 2020
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HI ^^
I´m playing lol since 2012 and i´ve never had the fantasy of having RP.
I´ve always wished to had RP´s to purchase the skin of my life, Udyr guardian of the spirits, so if i can have a gift i want this, is so special for me.

Big love to all <3

PD: i´ve always use mobafire to see the champion guides xd
Sleepininthegarden's Forum Avatar
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Jul 31st, 2019
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I know the post said to pick your favorite but for the sake of Christmas Cheer, I'll try to do all of them! 💚

Share a fun Christmas story
When I was a child, there was this one particular thing I had always wanted. On Christmas, I opened up my present and got a mini Laptop. I was so overjoyed, I jumped over the table flying at my parents to give them a hug. Till this day that was my most fond memory of Christmas.

Tell us about your favourite Christmas food or dessert
My family didn't particularly make many or rather ever make Christmas specific foods, and I don't think Eggnog counts as a "food". Peppermint Bark would be my favorite as I always consider it as a "decieving food" as I never expected it to taste like peppermint, I thought it was fancy Christmas chocolate.

Share your favourite Christmas movie
My favorite Christmas movie since I was a kid was Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups. Anyone who knows me personally will know I absolutely love animals so it's no surprise that a Christmas video involving doggos would be my favorite Christmas movie since 2012.

Tell us about your dream Christmas gift
My dream Christmas present would be, being approved for a sponsered citizenship so I can move to be with my loved ones in the Netherlands. Down the line in future years, to have a child of my own - Adopted or Biological. Being parent is frankly what I want to be most in life. Not sure if that counts haha.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!
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Nov 14th, 2020
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My dream gift for Christmas , this is for my mother to come back, it is unfortunately impossible; /
So the second dream is a new computer, this one, unfortunately, sometimes fails to pull the league of legends; /

And below is a photo of my little Christmas tree with decorations around <3, unfortunately I do not have a bigger and real one :(

Oh, and I wish you all a merry Christmas and that your requests will come true! <3
OriginalSalt's Forum Avatar
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Jan 6th, 2020
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To a new better year

Right now in League i am lvl 224 and my rank at the end of the season was gold 1, this is amazing because i started playing league last year around the start of November and a month later on Christmas i was level 30-35. To say that i like this game is an understatement, i love this game. When i started League of Legends i was playing with my best friend witch had been playing for 3 years at the time and he was my teacher and on Christmas he got me a skin on league as a gift and i loved it, i still use the skin and i went from 0 mastery points to 350 k with it.

Some say is hard to get into League or that is a community of toxic people, but i don't see it like that, yea some people are toxic and is a hard game to learn, but what game doesn't have some toxic players and this game even if you are not good at it can be fun with friends. This year was hard for most of the world and League more then ever represented a way to have fun with your friends and take your mind of problems.

Christmas for me represents the start of a new League of Legends year and the fun and stupid games with my friends at 3 am, it represents the start of a new year full with more broken champions and items. I wish that in the next year i keep having fun in League and i hope you do to!

Merry Christmas!

PS:Home Alone best Christmas movie
BAI I LOVES YOU's Forum Avatar
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Jan 27th, 2018
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Best Christmas movie? Its got to be Shrek 2. Masterpiece of a masterpiece. Everyday I imagine that diverse, magical world of talking donkeys and gingerbread men and drool at the mouth. The movie is so good, I even made a poem of it.

Roses are red
Shrek is green
I've loved Shrek 2
since I was a teen

Jolly and fun
This movie flies by
Its the best film
To watch with a pie

Even on christmas where the snow glows bright
And creates such a pretty sight
the movie shines out like a star
I have never met anyone who called it subpar

Even when the days are rough
When the pizza needs a knife
I can always say to myself
Shrek is love, Shrek is life
RayRay47's Forum Avatar
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Apr 5th, 2017
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My favourite christmas lunch is my traditional biryani that has been passed on from my deceased grandfather every christmas me and my dad makes this over the christmas turkey because ut has been eaten since my dad was a kid so traditionally we make a chicken biryani served with raita and a pork roast along with homemade lemon-lime bitters that my bro makes. Along with traditional catholic indian sweets and western sweets which I have introduce to my family and cake
PhilosoCat's Forum Avatar
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May 2nd, 2020
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My favourite Christmas movie is Krampus because I adore horror films and that one is amazingly campy and hilarious.
(I also recommend the Nuttiest Nutcracker for those who are brave and enjoy bad movies, just imagine the fact that it does feature a scene where the prince has to "bust the biggest nut" in order to save the princess)
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Nov 26th, 2020
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Sooooo last year guys I came back home from the city i was studying and it was a long journey with plane on a rainy day. i dint tell my parents and my twin brother that i was coming back home because I wanted to surprise them and they were actually very happy and excited when they saw me and because of the fact that i was home and we could spend the holidays together. That year on new year's eve they gifted me a really cool mini cotton candy maker that i still use and I am telling you this thing is awesome. Sweet pink candy is the best thing eveeeeeeeer!!!!
Happy holidays everyone, spend your days with your loved ones and keep yourselves safe <3 <3 <3

SUMMERS ARE GONE - Thresh Main Eune
Watsonthe8th's Forum Avatar
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Dec 4th, 2019
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Every one thinks of roasts and turkey and sweets as holiday food. My family tho don't do that. Our tradition every year on Christmas eve is to gather and eat sea food. Sometimes we have even done it in large out door shelters. But its a buffet of crab legs and gumbo and all the cousins. And we used to all shoot off fire works after words but we had to stop that. But that's my families Christmas tradition a great gathering and sea food feast sadly we are not getting to have it this year.
nackerboss's Forum Avatar
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Nov 22nd, 2020
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ummm well my fun christmas story is last christmas i and my friend started to play league of legend and i choose sona to be my fav champ and i use mobafire to have build guide and also rune guide XDDDDD
i hope that i would have a sona skin in this christmas luv U guy

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