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New Commando Skins Bundle Available Now!

Creator: virago March 14, 2012 12:13am
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Oct 30th, 2011
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Posted by NeeksNaman on Tue, 2012-03-13


Many of you have been asking for bundle deals on your favorite champion skins. Well, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve just added our flagship skins bundle to the League of Legends Store!

If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to witness the majestic commandos of Demacia on parade, look no further than the Commando Bundle. Just imagine seeing some of the greatest heroes that your city-state has to offer arrayed in uniform before they strike off on another dangerous mission defending freedom against the tyranny of Noxus. Doesn’t that just bring a patriotic tear to your eye? If you’re repressing the urge to throw your fist in the air and shout, “Demacia!” right now, that’s kind of the idea.

Don’t miss this chance to show your city-state pride and save big by purchasing some epic military regalia for all of your favorite Demacians, including: Garen, Lux, Galio, Xin Zhao and Jarvan IV. There’s no better way to show everyone that you’re a real Demacian hero!

Commando Skin Bundle – 1981 Riot Points

Now, this special bundle deal on the Commando skins will only be available until the next patch, so, like a good agent of Demacia, you’ll need to take decisive action. Add these awesome Demacian champions to your collection, and then make the tactical decision to pick up some commando fatigues for each of them today!

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Jul 20th, 2011
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Just noticed Commando Galio looks really badass O_o

Too bad I don't play him.
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Thanks to Keondre, JhoiJhoi, Xiron, and Arcana3 for the Sigs~!
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Mar 20th, 2011
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That's a really awesome skin bundle.
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Oct 24th, 2011
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too bad I don't like demacians, seriously, I think that Xin Zhao is the only possible commando I'm buying, but gosh darn it, for such an RP price I'd just buy them all if I were to play them :(

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