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MobaFire Tavern

Creator: jhoijhoi September 25, 2011 3:16am
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Jack Rubino
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Feb 20th, 2013
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*Music going on in Jack Rubino's head*

Jack Rubino just got shocked when he heard about banana's fate. He just couldn't believe it, he didn't want. First thing that happened at the sound of this news was images of his banana friend. Jack always had some special feelings about him, he always liked banana, and always treated him like a bro. But now he's gone. He can't do anything about it and it feels strange, weird and so ****ing bad. All that Jack wanted was this to be a huge mistake and lie. But it wasnt. There were such good evidences that he couldnt escape it. He just had to accept.... Sadly... accept...





Then the bartender talked to Jack
"Ehi, friend, what's wrong?"
"Comeon tell me, what's wrong? You dont look like healthy. Come, sit here, i'll offer you a drink. What would you like?"
"Well.. I'll prepare you a banansplit then?"
"!!!" *Jack punched the bar counter, raising his head and watching the bartender into his eyes"
"Ok man, just chill."
"I'm... i'm sorry... just.. couldnt handle it.."
"Handle what?"
"Banana's.... banana's fate.."
"Oh.." the bartender looked without saying anything at Jack for a few seconds, then he said "I'm sorry for you, i heard about it, were him important for you?"
"Important? this word isn't enough to explain what he was for me."
"Well.. tell me if there's anything i can do for cheer you up.."
"Anything to cheer me up, eh?..."
"Well, there might be something that could be kinda nice to know by you."
"Tell me."
"Do you know who was?"
"To kill your friend?"
"Well... seems to be a hot situation. If anyone ask you who told you this, i wasn't, ok?"
"Sure. No Worries"
"What i know is that.. it was werepirelord"
" Werepirelord?"
"Yes, him."
"Thanks bartender, thanks.
"No problem."

Then Jack turned his head around, and not seeing Werepirelord anywhere, he walked out the bar, with his eyes full of revenge.
"Ah... delicious."
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Jan 16th, 2012
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OCC: No worries fits perfectly into your character, I love it. Some worries, man.
Oh, and remember, Banana's fortune is lost/taken over.

Werepirelord flexes his fingers, regarding the interface of his buisness plan draft for the next semester as a message plops up into his monocle. "This Jack fellow is up to something. Ugh, I regret having gotten into this petty affair." He swashes away the message and returns to normal view.

He crosses his arms. "Let that pathetic fool come to us, right? I mean, what could he possibly do?", he speaks as he car***es Teekl's neck and pours some blood tainted milk into his bowl.
He chuckles a little at the thought of his pet ripping apart his former enemy, then returns to making affairs with his agents all over the world.

See you later, armadillos! Unless I see you first!
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Sep 3rd, 2012
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While the bartender was talking to a guy Devdevil doesn't quite know, she slid behind the bar's counter, and began putting drops of a liquid into each drink, then hopped back to her seat and asked for some water from the bartender (which she didn't taint).

+rep me if you think I did something cool enough to deserve it!
Jack Rubino
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Feb 20th, 2013
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Jack walked for a long way while he was thinking at what he could do to get close to Werepirelord and how to avange his banana. When suddenly;

"Ehi you!" said a strager popping up from behind a wall
Jack turns his head around, then without seeing anyone except him he asked "Me?"
"Yes, you."
"What's up? what do you want by me? i have my problems to think about, don't try to distract me." Then Jack continued to walk for his way. But the stranger followed and stopped him saying "I know what you want, and i can offer you my help."
Jack was surprised, no clue how could the stranger know about his intentions, but curious and needing of information, he said "Help? which kinda of help? how do you know about this and what you want for this help? Gold or anything?"
"Don't worry, i don't ask for anything, we'll discuss about this later, but now let's talk about what you want."
"Why don't tell me how you know?"
"Does it really matter for you?"
"Well, i guess you wont tell me anyway... So, how can you help me?"
"I might know where Werepirelord is."
"Nice, tell me more."
"I got a piece of paper from the place where happened it all."
"How did you.."
"Dosent really matter" said the stranger interrupting Jack.
"What's on this piece of paper?" then asked Jack.
"This is supposed to be the place where Werepirelord might be resting"
"Looks like a long way, and i doubt i will get any other info around here, so this is worth of a try. But be carefull, if this is a bad joke, you better run as far from here as you can because i'll come back to catch you down."
"We'll see" Said the stranger, and suddenly walked behind the wall and vanishing.

Jack Rubino had no clues of what this could bring to, but having no other kinda of evidences, he chose to go to that place, that might be the way to the Werepirelord's Secret Base
"It's gonna be legen… wait for it… dary!"
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Jan 18th, 2011
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Toshabi eats a box of cheetos.
<Altruistic Artist>
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Sep 12th, 2012
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Hogopogo walks over to Toshabi and asks for some cheetos. Cheetos are yummy :D
Meiyjhe's Forum Avatar
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Oct 27th, 2012
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Bruise was training with Charles, when he found out that he sucks at fighting.
"I am not made for this" Bruise panted.
"I know ser. Please forgive me, thanks to my vengefulness towards werepirelord, I ignored my real task", Charles said, "Serving the bananas, and not the other way around"
"I completely understand Charles, don't worry, but we still need to get back on Werepirelord"
"What is your suggestion?"
"We build an army, and not out of minions this time, but of real mobaferians", Bruise said, "Quickly, bring me a bunch of papers, a pen and a cup of tea!"
"Of course ser!"

Thus Bruise was writing down an invitation:
"Dear ser/madam,

If you read this, you had some kind of negative interaction with Werepirelord. He threatened, he stole and he killed. This cannot be allowed, and the police aren't doing anything either. This is our opportunity to take justice to our own hands! Come to Banana's mansion, give this very invitation to Charles and you will be granted weapon and armor to your own choice. Soon, justice will be ours.


Bruise finished writing and said: "Charles, make a few copies of this and send this to Jack Rubino, xIchi, Hogopogo, Devdevil, Bioalchemist, Janitsu, Bludes, and what te hack, send one to Kaggboer and Toshabi as well."
Charles was reading the invitation. "And what if they wont come?"
"Then they wont come, we can't force them"
Charles held it with doubt, but then decided copied the paper and sent it to everyone.
Change is gooooood

Je suis le bee
~ Meiyjhe ~
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Jan 16th, 2012
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Werepirelord had intercepted one of the letters. "The police arn't doing anything? Well my contacts make sure of that." Hiding in his underground house a tidbit outside of town, or more correctly sitting back in a comfortable chair, with a glass of wine with a pint of chocolate syrup, Werepirelord couterplots Bruise.

He takes another quick look at the paper. "Thretened? Stole? Killed? What am I, a cowardly ruffian?" He shakes his head, sighs, and goes back to setting up his defences. His ghastly apperations work tirelessly to ensure the securety of his makeshift hideout. "An army, eh? Well let them come, I doubt their petty plot can scrath me."

He claps once, twice, quite loudly:
"Gentlemen, let us raise a glass to this fine occasion!"
The ghastly spectral robotic soldies halt for a second to eye (if it can be set so, since their faces are blanks) him, then return to their work.
"Well they sure arn't quite the company to have around."

"Mobafire Tavernists, I understand you've unified and intend to draw this game out. Well if it's a war you want, it's a war you shall lose. My legion is stronger, faster, our sperm counts are higher. Resistance is as pointless as your degrees. Honestly, ask yourselves. What does Liberal Arts even mean?"

I'm streets ahead. If you don't get it you're streets behind.
Jack Rubino
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Feb 20th, 2013
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During his travel, Jack was suddenly hit by a flying banana with a thing that lookd like a letter and opened it.

"Hope that's worth of my time" said opening the letter without stop his walk.

Jack read it, he didn't know who or what kind of dude wrote it, nor know this "Bruise". The idea of having other people on his side to avenge his banana was really nice, but he couldn't risk to fall in a trap or that someone could mess up with his task. So, with even more doubts about what will await him and how this story would end, he continued for his way.
"It's gonna be legen… wait for it… dary!"
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Apr 30th, 2012
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Out of nowhere, an owl flew into Sirell's face. With great irritation, he lifted the flapping messenger off his face. Tied to the limb of the bird was a banana. Irritation was immediately replaced with confusion. How did the banana even make the journey without being consumed? Well, perhaps owls do not eat bananas, he thought.

Shrugging it off, he peeled the banana skin. Adding to his confusion, there was no fruit inside, but a sealed letter. Removing the correspondence from the oozie skin, he unsealed the parchment and read its contents thoroughly. Having memorised its contents, he proceeded to dispose of the letter in his fireplace.

"It seems the philosopher has been summoned."

The MOBAFire tavern was set in his sights.

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