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The issue of asylum seekers in Germany (and...

Creator: emoriam December 15, 2014 10:20am
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Mar 15th, 2013
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caucheka wrote:
yes, asian, middle eastern, and native american (both north and south) cultures have all had amazing advances in science and technology. even while some of those (the aztecs for example) were behind the technological curve, they still had built amazing monuments and wonders, and some technology that still to this day we do not understand.

africans, and to an extent the pacific islanders, never did any of these things.

and before you try to reply with 'but egypt' ancient egypt, and still modern egypt, are of middle eastern descent.

What's that argument even and why should it have something in common with the existance of races? It's rather you saying that considering history Africa and Oceania have been underdeveloped and that's completely wrong. First of all you have to consider the natural environment these people were living in as it seems like to be at least an indicator. Besides, you've missed out that in Africa there had been nations and cultures like Axum, Ghana, Kanem or Songhai. As you've said even the invention of the wheel isn't an indicator for the progressiveness of a culture (e.g. Maya). Just take a look at what the environment has offered to the people and how they used it. There is ofc a clear divide between the northern and southern part of the World but you're just biased about the definition of "progressive".
Thanks to Ubnoxius for this sig!
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Apr 3rd, 2013
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@caucheka: read this wikipedia article.
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