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The new masteries, who will use which?

Creator: NicknameMy November 6, 2013 2:41pm
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Apr 27th, 2011
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So, Riot finally released the new masteries for S4 at PBE and this opens room for theorycrafting about it. If someone doesn't know yet, what they do, just look here.

T1 Offense: Feast seams to be really strong for laning and jungling, as you will last hit and bonus HP and mana are always welcome, same goes for Butcher, you can pretty much put it on anyone. Fury and Sorcery are basically the same.

T2 Offense: The Double-Eged Sword is very interesting, 2% more damage is good (if you compare that to S3 Havoc...), but you also take 1% more damage, which can be sometimes deadly. I think it will be used on pretty much anyone. Brute Force and Blast are obvious, even better because they give the same for only 3 points.

T3 Offense: Spell Weaving could be usefull on champs which combine spells and attacks in their kit, like Riven, Phoenix Udyr, Lee.... And again, compre the points to the S3 Havoc, it is better than that, especially because it is just one point. The next big change is that penetrations are now out of here and you only gain AD/AP at T3, I think that is good. Executioner is good aswell, but it rather sucks that you now have to invest 3 points into it.

T4 Offense: If you get Spell Weaving you also get Blade Weaving to combine it. Archmage was buffed because it now only needs 3 points and the new Warlord offers AD a really nice boost. Dangerous Game might be usefull but I don't think it will be used that often.

T5 Offense: No more Alpha Strike Frenzy abuse :(. Well, but for that, later in the game, it provides very usefull attack speed. I don't undertstand why they combined both penetration types and made the mastery way weaker while putting it higher. Obviously, you got to skill it, but it could be better, like 2 masteries with 2 points.

T6 Offense: Welcome home, S1.

The offense tree is really strong now, only some bad masteries and some really strong masteries. I think this will be the most skilled tree in S4.

T1 Defense: Recovery is rather ****, Enchanted Armor was as Legenedary Armor **** but now it is at least a bit better because it only needs 2 points. Block and Tough Skin are strong, one for lane, one for jungling.

T2 Defense: Unyielding nearly a must have in lane, Veteran Scars are now basically a must skilling if you go defense. Bladed Armor is also a must have for jungling. I am kinda missing a 4. Mastery in this tier to open up some flexibility.

T3 Defense: Most enemies have impared movmement speed while fighting in a bigger fight, so might give Oprresion a try. Juggernaut obviosuly must have. It sucks that Hardiness and Resistance are now here, but if you go defense, you obviously wanna skill bove.

T4 Defense: Nothing really great here...

T5 Defense: Second Wind? Why..., Legendary Guardian seems to be nearly op. Runic Shield, Idk what I should think about it. Its uses are very limited.

T6 Defense: Usefull, but so much **** before this...

Okay, they ****ed up the defense tree, more than 9 points are most of the time not really worth it.

T1 Utility: Scout useless as ever, Fleet of Foot OP, Meditation okay, Phasewalker is a good filler.

T2 Utility: Conjurer: Secret Phreak buff, making Teemo even stronger. Also Shaco will like. Summoner's Insight is great as ever, Strength of Spirit, idk who would use this, at least it makes blue buff stronger, Alchemist is super great.

T3 Utility: No big changes for Greed, Vampirism and Runic Affinity. Biscuiteer sounds really strong.

T4 Utility: Wealth is now way better, Bandit at this place is only good for ranged supports, expanded mind makes ryze and singed happy and Inspiration is an support only mastery which can be usefull.

T5 Utility: Scavenger is great for supports and Intelligence is even stronger now.

T6 Utility: This is so so so so strong, makes this tree really worth it for junglers.

I think this tree is nearly at the same level like offense, it only has some weaknesses and people generally prefer damage over utility. 9 points in it are nearly a must for laning because biscuiteer but 21 are nothing bad either.

So in conclusion, skill offense and utility, defense is rather ****.
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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by the way on the PBE currently the biscuiteer mastery is bugged(or meant to do this idk) allowing you to have the 9 pot+ward start or 12 pot start all over again

i dunno if this will make it to live though, if thats the case champions like zed akali kat would want to put points into utility
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May 18th, 2010
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i could get like 5-6k mana iirc on ryze. so i'm wondering how much MANA i could get now.
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Sep 26th, 2011
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As always, defence tree looks broken.
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Feb 8th, 2011
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For those that actually want to see the trees laid out.

Had a pretty large post started, but then I decided "**** it, that doesn't matter."
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Jul 27th, 2012
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Having a quick look at Orianna...

Feast looks like a nice complement to my Doran's start. It's not a massive amount of sustain but probably worth the point. Add in sorcery, especially if Seraph's builds remain preferable to Athene's. Blast into Arcane Mastery, plus Archmage. Spell-weaving probably isn't worth it, although I'm also not too convinced about Dangerous Game, so I might opt for it anyway. I do tend to kite/chase with my AAs a lot as Ori. Devastating strikes, Arcane Blade and Havoc finish the tree off.

Utility has a lot of sexy traits early on. Fleet of foot is too good to pass up and Summoner's Insight is probably a must grab. Obviously want to get runic affinity which leaves two points, although Culinary Master seems compelling. I think it will depend on the meta. I don't -need- the extra mana and health sustain, however if it becomes mainstream to have it then it might be necessary to take it just to be on a par with my lane opponent. Scout might feel nice, but not actually be useful, depends on what trinkets I use. Alchemist might be nice to squeeze extra health from starting pots and any layer pots, obviously I need it if I go Culinary Master. Longer duration on blue elixir could be sweet for the Seraph's builds, I miss having Athene's CDR. Last point may as well go into Meditation if not Scout. I need something in that tier and Phasewalker does not look compelling.
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Apr 2nd, 2013
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21/0/9 Gragas pwnage
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Mar 27th, 2013
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I see 9/21/0 setups will lose viability......

I also noticed the removal of all masteries affecting summoners.
Which is a shame.
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Jan 3rd, 2013
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ryze masteries, since i pretty much only play him: here
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Nov 13th, 2012
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The new 50 HP Shield masterie seems to be pretty strong for lvl 1 fights IMO.

But it's pretty funny what Riot is doing here. They are like:

Season 2: Yeah we all have some easy Lifesteal in the masteries and cheap Lifesteal items (400g Vampiric Scepter)
Season 3: Let's remove all the easy Lifesteal!
Season 4: Well yeah I think we should add some easy Lifesteal to the Mastereies
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