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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Carry Champions for Low Elo Solo Queue?


  • TheInkKingLoL

    Carry Champions for Low Elo Solo Queue?


    I was wondering what champions everyone recommends for carrying games in low elo solo queue for each lane. So far I have:
    Top: Malphite
    Jungle: Warwick
    Support: Leona, Lux, Morgana (I put Leona because there really aren't that many supports with high carry potential and she gives a bunch of utility)
    If anyone has any more suggestions for champions that can hard carry matches in elos around bronze-silver I'd appreciate it if you'd respond with them.
    The reason I ask this is because I've been autofilling until gold since playing jungle doesn't often leave me with a bunch of carry potential. I was in my bronze 3 promos and I had 2 people inting for both of my games (I lost both) and I'm trying to find a way to climb out while being able to just brush past my teams mistakes (not to say that I don't make mistakes, it's just that I feel like I no longer deserve to be in such a low rank when I am able to do things and predict much more than any teammates I've interacted with in my elo).
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    Light Ryuk (4) | October 15, 2020 4:49pm
    Hello there once again TheInkKingLoL! I guess I now, after reading what you posted here, I get what type of answer you wanted on that supps tier list.

    I've been watching tons of videos and reading loads of texts related to tactics, lessons and the likes - focusing basically on watching plain and simple recorded matches at God elos (without anyone blabbing the whole vid) and, for instance, Worlds rather than those clickbaiting ultimate broken yadda yadda builds which usually don't add much. Even those mobalytics and skill capped basic teaching videos can bring some insight or offer different perspective.

    I hear you indeed! I'm far from being a super expert, hence I'll rely here on my personal and individual impressions about things I've been observing and fortunately learning/improving lately. I have the impression that some roles develop macro/awareness/prediction abilities sooner as they're their bread and butter. I would dare to place the jungler role as the first one to "awake" and start thinking outside the box, followed by supports, then mids.

    And I believe that what's been bugging you is how tunnel-visioned your allies tend to be. Wards that go in vain - it seems no one bothers glancing at the minimap anyways, although they'll promptly flame and enrage if an area wasn't warded and they died because they mindlessly facechecked a bush (while having themselves a ward available.) Inane teamfights which won't achieve anything and to hell the objectives... Fights around dragon aren't exactly to get the buffs and gold advantage, instead dragon was just an excuse for them to keep fighting, because all they care about is kills and the annoying rest can wait.

    If that's been your issue (please, do correct me if I'm wrong), you might be looking for strong champions regardless of lane and role who have potential to carry on their own. Am I right?

    Okay, I'd like to recommend you, before talking about champions, that you should always analyze your priorities so that if it's useless, you can always switch to a more productive new goal. For instance, a champion support, for sure, among his many tasks, must keep his AD/P carry safe in order to allow that now somewhat useless pew-pew champion to be able to carry his team, becoming the ultimate threat which blows up enemies in fractions of a second, eventually bringing everyone the so desired victory. Those champs require expensive items, hence their very long laning (ie. farming) phase, and they won't stop farming the whole game. So far, so good, right?

    Now, what if you're a supp with huge potential for roaming and ganking (you even spotted and had to let go some few opportunities to gank mid and hand a kill to your midlaner), but your adc not only has a very poor control of the lane as well as loves going for all-ins for no visible reason, ending up being killed (and sometimes having you being killed too), and even worse, he insists in doing that when you both are quite vunerable for ganks.

    It doesn't matter how hard you try to keep him alive and focused on his job at farming on those minions - Gosh! At least for a damn while! Your efforts clearly will be in vain. Enemy Ezreal scores, say, 70 cs. Your Vayne is only at 35 and still insists in 2v2 them. Ez kda is, say, 3/0/2. Their Nami 2/1/6. Your Vayne 0/4/1. And you regret your 0/3/1 (the only kill went to your jungler who well deserved it.) And your duo haven't even reached 6!

    What that means? Time to switch priorities. Check your midlaner... ah! Their LeBlanc is 0/3/1 while your Ahri towers up at 6/1/0. What to do then? Keep at it till you're 6 (you need the shared exp!) and once you're both back, put one or two wards in your jungle around the path your ADC walks on (you're still giving him protection so he doesn't get suprised by a lethal gank) AND GO SUPPORT YOUR MID! And when there's nothing interesting to do there, roam alongside your jungler. Of course your ADC will flame you, but everyone has already seen he's a troll.

    Let's suppose you're the jungler. What use has trying to gank a lane when your ally(ies)is far behind and never properly help to make opportunities for ganks and/or are always at low health quite advanced and still pings all the time for ganks? Chances are the enemy jungler or mid who have spotted his clumsy tries for an all-in, have already taken him as a free kill and will show up and destroy you both. Instead, leave him at it. Without someone to die with him, he'll have to play safe, hugging his own tower. But better that than rushing the lane like crazy just to be killed time after time.

    What I'm then talking about? Of course the champion you picked counts. But this is a way of carrying your team: That supp who began to work with their Ahri and their jungler, helped them to gank and set traps making their mid, jungler, top and even the supp himself become much stronger. And the adc who was left there (remember to always keep him safe, despite his not recommended behavior, warding jungle's entrances for example) seemingly all alone, had to play safe and ended up farming a bunch. Which means at the end, just by switching priorities that supp helped his allies to snowball which enabled their team to demolish their enemies and finally win the game.

    Now, let's say both teams have been wasting the whole game around aimless fights. In such (quite common) case, picking a champion who's able to dish out illegal amounts of damage while being prohibitively squishy (a typical AP mage, for instance) who has a hard time to knock down objectives such as structures (towers, for instance), and if trying to solo dragons and heralds may put himself in perilous danger due to very low health after such encounters (that if he doesn't die while in the process.) What that champion is able to? Or he joins every single teamfight believing his powers will be game changing - sorry to bring this up to you, it will hardly matter if the only thing you and your team do is clashing against the enemies forever and ever. Apart from that what else can you do if you decide you'll do something on your own? Let's face it: usually not much really.

    Now instead of that squishy somewhat immobile mage who when being all alone risks being surprise-killed in a blink of an eye by an extremly bursting mobile assassin, the pick now goes toward a beefier fighter who's able to destroy structures and monsters on his own? Maybe in the midst of a team fight he might look as though he has no use as everyone is now full build and it seems impossible to flank and kill at least one of those high damaging squishies on the backline. What such fighter should do then, still keeping in mind that idea of switching priorities?

    Well, while everyone is busy trying to murder each other. The fighter could splitpush a sidelane and open a hole at enemies base, exposing, for instance, one of their inhibitors. His team will eventually follow that up, and for his solo efforts of keeping at objectives, he was the one who ended up carrying his team.

    Now going back to the champions thing, if you can relate with the wall of text I typed above, I would recommend you to focus on champions who can deal with objectives on their very own. Top laners, junglers and even some supps (ok, the latters will be flamed, but who cares, everyone at the end wants to win, right?) are able to leave such undendless display of bad mechanics (aka those exhausting teamfights) and go under the radar on a side line and make it do what has to be done.

    If you think that that's the thing that will help you to finally escape such elo hell, go after educational texts/guides or videos about splitpushing: who can and when to. If you're more into watching, there's a plenty fo videos related to that on youtube, for instance.
    Zedoxsar | October 26, 2020 2:06pm
    For Adc you could play Miss Fortune, or any HyperCarry(Vayne,Jinx,Tristana)
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