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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Guide Dissapearing from Site


  • Guoblide

    Guide Dissapearing from Site

    Recently I've been putting in tons of time creating a Braum guide ( for the upcoming Guide Contest. However, starting abour 2 days ago, it has completely disappeared from the builds and guide section. It doesn't show up in the general guide list or when I filter by Braum and Support. My only guess as to why it doesn't show up is that it maybe got removed or something? I don't think I broke any rules except for maybe reusing code from an old Sett guide or reusing my objectives and warding section? Any help would be really appreciated
  • Answers (0)

    Hades4u (461) | December 24, 2020 8:22am
    Hello @ Guoblide !

    I've republished your guide and now it seems to work correctly. Let me know if you encounter any other issues!

    Good luck with your guide, it looks awesome. :)
    Guoblide (3) | December 24, 2020 8:41am
    Thank you so much Hades! I can see it on the site now. I thought I was in trouble or something when it dissapeared O_O
    Fruxo (295) | December 24, 2020 11:25am
    It was likely just a bug, considering your guide is way above the requirement for a full guide.
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