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League of Legends (LoL) Question: How do I go against Nasus!?

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  • Tazz

    How do I go against Nasus!?

    So fairly recently I have finally joined ranked games and currently am in Silver III. A problem I face is going against a Nasus. Just earlier today him and I were top lane just fighting against minions and whatnot. I poke him a bit and he does the same, but then a few moments later he goes all aggressive and Q's me. Which does a **** ton of damage seeing that he has roughly ~200 stacks. He then starts going tank and just starts to go all aggro. Even in the Jungle, he ends up having so many stacks of his Q. Can anyone help me out and teach me how to counter him effectively and still be able to win my lane/jungle against him. Thanks!
  • Answers (5)

    LevasK (108) | December 1, 2014 6:18am
    If you told us what champion you were using vs Nasus it would be a lot easier to help you.

    My question for you would be : What were you doing before Nasus got those 200 stacks?

    General tips vs Nasus in lane:
    • Ninja Tabi is a very potent choice of boots vs Nasus as almost all of his damage comes from AAs and Siphoning Strike.
    • Nasus has no form of escape aside from Flash or running, so asking for your jungler to gank him is a good idea.
    • Picking lane dominant champions like: Darius, Renekton or taking something with range like Vladimir, Gnar can help you beat Nasus down.
    • Try to trade with Nasus right after he uses Siphoning Strike as he will be unable to retaliate when that ability is on cooldown.
    • After hurting Nasus don't let him sustain himself for free with his passive.

    Tips for jungling vs Nasus:
    • Nasus is a poor ganker, abuse this by making plays early on.
    • Keep Dragon warded, Nasus is known for being good at doing Dragon early game.
    • Nasus is not a good duelist early game, so try to invade his jungle and possibly get kills on him or steal his camps.

    If you want specific details on a particular match up vs Nasus just let me know.
    LevasK (108) | December 3, 2014 6:53am
    You can't go mindlessly aggressive vs Nasus early on, cuz he can just fight many champions that normally bully him in his creep wave and if you take a few bad trades early on vs him you might end up throwing your opportunity to crush him in the early game.
    OmerKa | December 1, 2014 4:16pm
    just go extremely aggressive on him from start andd make sure you ward because early game you will be the one pushing
    Starstalker (8) | December 17, 2014 11:45am
    You need to be aware of 3 things when you face Nasus.

    First, you have to force trades early to zone him and deny him some creepscore.

    Second, you have to freeze the lane as much as you can: if you extend you will be vulnerable to ganks and he will be safe from it. A good Nasus can farm under his turret.

    Third, you must absolutly get objectives or help your teamates in any ways if you let him farm when laning phase is over.
    The Cloaked | December 14, 2014 3:01pm
    With a Nasus try to stop his farm. His farm is what makes him strong. If you can try to always be pushing so he doesn't get his q off since the minions are dying by the turret and not Nasus. If he is good he will still be able to q the CS. So just only last hit his minions so they do more damage to your minions there fore making it even harder for Nasus to get his q's. Also, when ever you can poke as much as you can so he is focusing on either fighting you or running away. Most of the time you will want to be aggressive so Nasus won't want to be near you. I hope this helped you with your Nasus problems. If you have more questions PM me or reply. - The Cloaked
    Zordagoth (19) | December 1, 2014 6:26am
    Also, a common mistake a lot of players tend to do when they are not used to face Nasus : Push lane, most of the time they think "he's undertower, i'm doing good" but that's wrong, you're just giving the Doge safety underturret and he will miss only few cs if he's half decent at Cs'ing.

    Try not to push (don't miss cs tho) so you can just bash his head whenever he comes to last hit, because early Nasus is weak, punish him as long as you can ^^
    SNOBOY (13) | December 12, 2014 12:04pm
    Another way to help their lane push and choose when to freeze a lane is by getting their incoming creep wave to target you and follow you all the way to the creep, then their minions will all target the same one of your minions and clear your wave faster. This allows you to choose where their lane stops. Look up some stuff on freezing lanes on Youtube, there are a lot of helpful videos.
    sirell (400) | December 1, 2014 4:52pm
    Only last hit, preferably at the very last moment and not as soon as you can get the CS.

    Basically, the longer you let the enemy creeps stay alive, the more damage they will deal to your minions, even killing them. That way, your enemy laner will not get the gold (though they might get the xp) and you will gradually accrue a gold advantage over them through CS advantage. More importantly, Nasus will not be able to get stacks as quickly.
    Tazz (1) | December 1, 2014 4:36pm
    Just wondering, how do I exactly freeze a lane?
    sirell (400) | December 1, 2014 6:55am
    To add to this, taking his tower early is never a good thing. You want to be able to zone him away from CS and freeze the lane as much as possible.
    Stylistical (3) | November 30, 2014 7:34pm
    Riven is a very good counter to him, and just a strong champion overall. I would recommend picking her up and learning her. She's very useful.

    But, if you don't have her, and/or don't know how to play her, here are a few tips:
    Try to pick a champion with hard poking abilities, and lots of mobility/sustain. Just poke him away early game, and zone him off, but let him push you to tower, and freeze right before the tower starts hitting your minions. This will end his life, as he will not be able to get any farm. From this point, just poke him to death while farming, and ask for ganks to come kill him or push him even farther away from farm. If he has lots of stacks, you can still duel him. His Q is on a deceptively low cooldown, but in the time it takes for him to hit you once with it, you should be able to burst him down greatly, and then back off before it's back up again. If he ults, just cc him to get away, and DO NOT stand near him, as it acts as an AoE DoT, and the more damage he deals with it, the more AD he gets during the duration, hence making him even stronger the longer the fight goes on.

    Nasus excels at long trades, as his passive Life Steal and E armor shred will out damage and out sustain most champions during a fight. A short skirmish that bursts him down a lot is the best way to fight him. If it doesn't kill him, don't keep fighting unless he's low enough to burst back down and kill after all your CDs are back up, so long as you have short CDs.

    Hope that helps!
    I play Nasus a decent amount, and find myself playing against him a lot. I very rarely lose lane as Nasus, and very rarely lose lane against him.
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