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League of Legends (LoL) Question: How do people fare at 1500?

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  • Minho

    How do people fare at 1500?

    Just curious, how are people at 1500? Wrath said he gets a lot of silvers against diamonds and golds whilist others say they are fine. Are they like... bad or are they like... K?
  • Answers (8)

    PsiGuard (1495) | November 18, 2012 1:12pm
    In my experience last season, 1500 players are definitely more competent than lower level players, but not less selfish. Some of them don't really have the skills to play at that level, but for the most part you'll lose games due to misplays mid game or one or more of your lanes gets outplayed. You tend to see somewhat appropriate builds for all the players most of the time, though sometimes people don't build situationally very well.

    Not sure what else to say about them. Generally I tended to either see "true" 1400-1500 players that were decent, but not better than me, then I saw players that deserve higher elos that would outplay their lanes, make mid game plays and carry to victory.

    There are just as many jerks at 1500 elo as there are in lower levels though.
    Arkillion (1) | December 3, 2012 2:00pm
    Most of it's just normal some lanes will win but some will end up trolling or losing the game by not knowing mechanics, e.g. If I win top lane as I usually do with someone like Jax, Irelia or Malphite, I'll have to sacrifice my advantage to roam and help the team because most of the time they'll lose their lanes.
    [deleted] (105) | November 18, 2012 3:58pm
    At 1500 elo people if you are lucky may move out of there lanes.
    FalseoGod (316) | November 22, 2012 10:10am
    I agree with embracing, I often just ward the river both sides, ping my enemy mid not knowing what he/she wants to do, and push until said person decides to come back.

    By then, I was roaming. Hue.
    Embracing (353) | November 19, 2012 1:57am
    I think it's the opposite o_o
    at 1500 most people roam for no reason at all...
    PsiGuard (1495) | November 18, 2012 7:23pm
    I've actually seen a fair amount of roaming mids since I hit gold, though I'll concede that you generally need a megaphone to get the attention of top or bot lane.
    Friendly Pony (1) | November 18, 2012 1:41pm
    no matter where you go the same thing will happen.

    1. someone wins lane and/or outplays their enemy
    2. someone makes a mistake that costs their team a teamfight, a buff, the lead, sometimes even the game (can be on either team, can happen multiple times)
    3. someone wins the game through a combination of 1 and 2.

    If you can maximize 1 and minimize 2, in the majority of your games, you can get a very high elo.
    koksei (163) | November 18, 2012 1:01pm
    I/we play against plats and diamonds but also play with them like every game atm,
    were way fewer when 1500(like 1) but right now there are atleast 3-4 diamonds 1-2 in both teams:P (1700+)

    Don't think it's too much of a problem - both teams get people like that, and if they are currently at 1500 they dropped a lot, which means they are doing badright now. Cuz if you had diamond last season you'll be around 1650.
    Berzerk (155) | November 18, 2012 12:15pm
    It's fine. The people generally know about the game at 1500s but can still improve on a lot of mechanical stuff and champion pool.
    Bryun (315) | November 18, 2012 11:50am
    1500s same as 1400s, but with a slightly better map awareness. No difference in skill really.
    Linear (21) | November 18, 2012 11:23am
    Depends, I find it okay, but sometimes you meet people who troll and just feed.
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