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League of Legends (LoL) Question: How to Kled

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  • Jvier7

    How to Kled

    Hello, i´m starting to play top, and i want to play kled at rankeds so im practising it in normals, but i can´t carry or most of the times y play bad. Somebody could help me and try to teach or tell me some advices to play it better? Thanks.
  • Answers (3)

    Qwerty19 (2) | July 30, 2018 7:33am
    The way I have played him, I am by no means a kled main btw, is land your q then e to them do your w hits and then e away. That combo should chunk them down and then post 6 you can use your r to engage to get an easy q to then combo
    Remmehkube (8) | July 25, 2018 9:45am
    I took the advice given here and went looking on SoloRenektonOnly stream and went as far back as a month trough his vods but there arrent any about Kled.

    Since this could maybe discurrage you from learning Kled I wanted to point out there are subreddits based on mosr if not all champs.

    Maybe you should ask on there too so you have bigger reach in the people that can potentially help you get better.

    Something else I would like to add to the advice that you have been given is that once you understand Kled better, you should actually play the champs that counter you to get a better understanding of WHY they actually counter you.
    Teemo for example makes you miss basic attacks with his Q ability which is why he is an good pick against Tryndamere (among other things).
    It also helps you get a grasp on cooldowns, having faced Yasuo both in mid and toplane alot I can by heart tell you that his windwall has a cooldown of 26 if you dont max it, which also means I can play around it and even force it out to use my all-in after.

    I dont know how new you are but I have been playing the game for only 8-10 months and since I have been playing counterpicks of champions that I like I am understanding sertain aspects alot better.

    Anyway, hope this helps.
    orrvaa (41) | July 26, 2018 3:33am
    good advices :D.

    here the the videos if you want :-)
    Remmehkube (8) | July 26, 2018 6:35am
    Yea, only thing I forgot to mention is that I never actually played Yasuo or even own xD So that was kind of an bad example on playing counterpick champions but my point of learning them to know cooldowns ect was valid anyway.

    I personally just like to know those kinds of things if its a popular pick so looked that windwall and how his shield works up after running into him a few times. Knowledge is powah!

    Thanks for the link, very handy!
    orrvaa (41) | July 22, 2018 1:58pm
    I reccomend practicing, learning how to manipulate waves, and how the match up goes with the champion you most strugle against.

    I recommend to watch SoloRenektonOnly here, look for a Kled video and make sure you don't copy his build if he is doing a troll build (he does some time just for fun). He teach the things i wrote above.

    he have good tutorials about top lane in general you can try find them too, good luck :D
    Jvier7 | July 22, 2018 4:32pm
    Do yo recommend me some champ to get out silver 2, or to start at top lane?
    VexRoth (78) | July 25, 2018 7:30am
    Jvier7 wrote:
    Do yo recommend me some champ to get out silver 2, or to start at top lane?

    Getting out of X division is only 10% champion related until you get to high diamond where playing champions that are strong in the current META helps if you aren't a one trick.

    Kled is a fine champion to learn Top with as you can play fairly aggressive with him (a good thing to learn from the get go) because his passive basically gives him a second life and lets you reset turret aggro.

    Learn all his match-ups, even the ones he is bad against. If you can figure out how to surive in those lanes or better yet, when your opportunities to fight back are you will have learned some important lessons about how the game works.

    E.g. Tryndamere can have trouble against Jayce and Teemo, but there are times you can kill them if you play it right or setup the situation in your favor. Learning that kind of stuff will get your out of Gold.

    I second watching SoloRenektonOnly. He talks a lot about wave manipulation, his mistakes, why he backs off, why he went aggressive, and when to roam. All super key skills in Top lane especially if you are running Ignite and not Teleport.

    For Kled specific, Soulmario is a I believe a challenger Kled one trick that sometimes streams so check him out and see how he plays the game.
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