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League of Legends (LoL) Question: i guess i have jg syndrome


  • Mobafire Avatar

    i guess i have jg syndrome

    So in last day i have a very high problem, and i think i will get mental damaged if that continue, in every game my jg is completly trolling, even just hard inting or afk farming his jg until minute 20, even if he pick a early champion.
    dont take me wrong I dont think the jg should camp me or smth, but how in the world can i get just junglers that dont do anything the entire game, no objective, no ganks anywhere on map, and somehow they end and with a lot deaths at the end of game, that mostly in ranks.
    What should i do before i get all my accounts banned for toxicty, cause I really can't take it any more and be chill.
    There is no like one troll in 10 games, there are 10 of 10 at least a troll, and like 7 of 10 more.
  • Answers (0)

    orrvaa (38) | March 19, 2019 7:28am
    First mute them all, the chat would only make you toxic.
    pay attention to the map more so you can figure where is the enemy jungler, and in games you have advantage use ti to gank other lanes so they could scale too and win the game 4v6.
    there are times when all games you get bad players with you or just unlucky games, it will end, you can play some games and take a break if you need too.

    good luck and never give up.
    Kreezhem | March 22, 2019 4:48pm
    Diamond Jungle main here,

    First you wanna make sure your lane is gankable, if you play soraka support for example, you jungle is probably gonna gank somewhere else.
    You want to communicate with your jungler. Tell him if you're gonna initiate a wave push torwards you and at what timer of the game.
    Let your jungler know when your laner ward is down and what it's timer is.

    You will get more ganks this way that saying : omg noob jungler because you got ganked and are now behind
    Eyecri | March 24, 2019 4:10am
    Firstly i prefer to mute them all, and always take brakes and try to relax yourself and use ping rather than chat . More importantly just play the game and have fun, try to focus on yourself improving rather than pointing at others mistakes,if you really thin they play bad because it will show in stats just report them . Hopefully you rank up better and have fun
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