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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Nexus Blitz builds?

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  • Xander100

    Nexus Blitz builds?

    When will Mobafire finally let us make Nexus Blitz builds/guides?
  • Answers (0)

    PsiGuard (1478) | August 27, 2018 1:22pm
    The game mode is currently in the alpha stage of development so it may change a lot (or if it's not very successful, it may be scrapped entirely) before its official release. You can always make a General guide about Nexus Blitz if you want of course, but we don't have anything set up to support it as an official mode yet.

    The alpha runs for a total of four weeks. If the mode comes back again later as a permanent addition to League, we'll add some support for it.
    Xander100 (6) | August 27, 2018 11:44pm
    Thank you very much for the fast answer and clarification! Hopefully the mode sticks because there are some very interesting strategies and builds. Gonna have to wait patiently then..
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