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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Playing mid : 2 questions


  • Hamstertamer

    Playing mid : 2 questions

    I have questions about playing mid, especially in ranked :

    - Is queuing for mid lane harder than queuing for other roles? Like is there more demand for the role, which means you're less likely to get it or more likely to be autofilled?
    (this, and/or can you get "mid or feed" trolls who want to take it from you by force?)

    - I just got BM'd by a teammate banning my champion. I was hovering Akali, that guy bans Akali. I ask him why he banned her from me, he answers that he hates Akali and doesn't want me picking her. I find that kind of behavior extremely toxic. Is this reportable?
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    abyssDevourer18 (1) | May 2, 2018 9:54am
    I agree with Psi in this case, being a mid main myself I do sense that many people want to play mid. I have come across the people who ban your highlighted champ/take the role by force. I normally report them because after they steal my role, they feed and lose us the game. I understand how you feel completely, because it happens to lots of people. Hope this can help you out and remember, if things start to get heated, then take a break. :3
    Mayuran95 (15) | May 2, 2018 9:44am
    I get my secondary role very often when queuing for midlane.(diamond+ elo). But it also depends on how popular your secondary role is. If i queue as top secondary, i will get it almost everygame because it's not that popular. Just queue for another popular role like adc and you should get mid much more often.

    2. That attitude is reportable yes
    PsiGuard (1331) | May 1, 2018 7:24pm
    Mid has a greater demand, yes. It's not outrageously different from jungle or adc, but you'd notice a big difference between queuing mid and queuing support. I haven't played in bronze/silver much but I almost never see someone try to forcibly take a role that they weren't assigned.

    I'm not sure if banning a champion you were hovering is reportable. I would probably report that person and let Riot sort out whether it's an actionable offense.
    orrvaa (36) | May 1, 2018 10:32pm
    Banning a champion even if someone on your team wanted to play it, is not ban-able, when you try to ban champion someone on your team wants you will get massage but you can still ban it. For example if the last pick want Yasuo you may want still to ban him as the enemy team can take him and so on...
    Hamstertamer (38) | May 2, 2018 4:12am
    If it was a mistake or if it was to prevent the enemy team from having the champion I'd have no problem with it. But he explicitly said he banned her so I wouldn't pick her. So it's griefing.
    Lady Amelyne (34) | May 2, 2018 6:00am
    Sure it could be considered BM, but it's absolutely not reportable just as it's impossible to prove that when reporting someone. Bad experiences of teammates underperforming on a certain champion is what makes people do this, especially if the champion isn't a strong pick in the current meta, so this probably wasn't a personal attack on you at all.

    Also, yes, mid has a far greater demand than any other role in low elo, with support being the role people queue for the least. If you do get it and someone holds you hostage in CS threatening to feed if you don't give them your role, you should dodge unless you're confident you can fill. People should definitely learn to dodge more as it saves so much time and LP, it's even worth doing that in promos if you absolutely think you can't win and people are trashtalking each other already, etc.
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