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League of Legends (LoL) Question: "Health On Talon?"

Posted in Champions | Tags: Frozen Mallet Talon The Black Cleaver Titanic Hydra 4,806

  • Rasta Da Masta

    "Health On Talon?"

    Hey this is just something I was considering after reading some comments on the Talon page on the LoL Wiki. The questions are for anyone to answer, but I was hoping that Vapora the Master Talon guy would answer too.

    Anyway, so I was playing a few games with Talon since he was on free rotation this week. And in one game I got pretty fed, but their team had a lot of targeted true damage (Cho'gath, Darius, & Olaf all on the same team :p) and staying alive was kinda difficult. So instead of building R-Hydra, I kinda went into T-Hydra. It was kinda awkward getting used to that active, but I already had the other core items (Mobis, YGB & LW) and it didn't really mess up the 1-shot combos I did on their Ashe.

    After that, instead of building IE, I had built Frozen Mallet & finished TBC for an endgame build. It was an "impromptu bruiser Talon" build I had going on, but it worked in that game & we ended up winning after their team threw the lead that my team gave them after my teammates threw the lead I got early game (Gotta love low ELO throws!)

    Anyway, back on the subject. This guy on the wiki did some calculations comparing R-Hydra with T-Hydra on a typical Talon build:

    after calculation . I think titanic hydra on talon is a good idea.

    From this combo after E : AA>Q>W>R>Hydra(you can add more AA)


    108+80+30+40+75+40 = 108 + 293 = 401 ad

    Q = 200+1.3*293 = 581

    W = 260+1.2*293 = 612

    R = 440+1.5*293 = 880

    Cri = 1003 change35%

    Active Hydra = 401

    Final dmg = 3877 cri

    = 3276 not cri



    108+80+30+40+40+50 = 108 + 267 = 375

    Q = 200+1.3*267 = 574

    W = 260+1.2*267 = 580

    R = 440+1.5*267 = 840

    Cri = 938

    Active = 375+295+40 = 710

    bonus on hit = 30+5 = 35 (2 hit on full combo)

    Final Dmg = 4087 cri

    = 3529 no cri

    This still not calculate from armor pen and % bonus from E and mastery but you can see his Dmg from Titanic still better than hydra.and he get more tankier too!. Only down side is before he got BC .Titanic will deal less dmg than ravenouse but not much.(less 40 dmg on active , less 4 dmg per aa on full build and level 18)

    So the big question here would be... Items that give HP & AD should or should not be situational items for Talon? TBC is already a yes, but I was wondering about the other items like TH, TF, FM, etc. What do you guys think?
  • Answers (2)

    Ekki (86) | September 15, 2015 8:57pm
    One of the main differences between T-Hydra and R-Hydra is that ravenous does lifesteal, and that's not minor. You'd have zero lifesteal with that full hp build, while recovering hp with the full AD one. Plus, you might want to look at that HP stat (is it lvl 18?), and the crits seem miscalculated (you have to consider critical damage increase from IE, higher critical chance and proper amplification of stuff that gets amplified by crits).

    The cost of the build is also a factor, and CDR too (BC seems like a really good talon item regardless of T-Hydra or R-Hydra).

    Overall, it may have been a good end-game build for that game, but lifesteal works better with resistances (higher value to the same hp recovered), and IDK if you could have pulled it off without being fed.
    TheBlur115 (2) | September 21, 2015 7:12am
    I hate Cho Gath!
    Rasta Da Masta (8) | September 19, 2015 12:20pm
    Their team had a lot of mixed damage & true damage so I am sure that it would've prevented death in some cases (Darius ult, Cho ult, etc)
    TheBlur115 (2) | September 21, 2015 7:16am
    I myself have played a lot of Talon. Yeah I see that as being very viable. Problem being is getting to that build. Talon is mobile with mobility boots and youmuu's ghost blade. I'd recommend getting earlier homegaurd's and start to 'rinse and repeat' laning phase. Go all in and if you kill them or not you get waves and waste their time. Talon is all about pressure and capitalizing on other players mistakes or cockiness. I may give your build a few trys.

    FINAL AWNSER:Yeah why not? **** true dmg. TBH I don't usually finish Hydra I just get the tiamat for AOE. So the lifesteal isn't a problem. The actives are a bit different though, but it is a reset none the less.
    Rasta Da Masta (8) | September 23, 2015 5:18am
    Yeah typically, Talon players upgrade Tiamat into Ravenous or Titanic as 6th item. I figured TH would be just as viable as RH since it scales with the health you get from TBC. Plus, Talon is stronger in quick skirmishes rather than drawn out duels so I never found the lifesteal useful since you shouldn't be fighting a guy more than 7 seconds after you went all-in.
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