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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Runes

Posted in Masteries | Tags: Twisted Fate 3,144

  • Answers (1)

    PsiGuard (1495) | May 7, 2018 1:53pm
    Those pages don't seem great to me. I'll recommend a couple pages for you.



    You can also try Nullifying Orb and/or Bone Plating + Chrysalis against scary matchups. Nullifying Orb obviously only works against mages / AP assassins like Fizz and LeBlanc while Bone Plating and Chrysalis are helpful against all kinds of threats, including AD champions like Talon and Zed. If you run Resolve secondary, make sure to run Sorcery primary because if you run Inspiration/Resolve you'll end up with all HP from your rune path bonus which isn't ideal. A mix of AP and HP is nicer.
    AntiFaker | May 8, 2018 8:48pm
    I do see the Unsealed spellbook preety good. But is Kleptomancy good too which is a great money making champ too? (Talking about his passive)
    PsiGuard (1495) | May 8, 2018 11:33pm
    Two things giving the same thing isn't synergy. Twisted Fate is definitely not a late game scaler and powerfarmer. He's much more effective when played as a roamer after level 6. Kleptomancy is a pretty greedy rune since it assumes you can freely autoattack your lane opponent a lot in laning phase.

    There might be some matchups against short range / melee champions that you could get away with it, but I'd still rather have one of the other keystones. Kleptomancy has been nerfed a lot since release so I don't think it'll see much use outside of a few champions that work really well with it, like Gangplank and Ezreal.
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