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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Some tips for a new adc player?

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  • Ysamy

    Some tips for a new adc player?

    I am new to the ADC role. Can someone give me some tips and tricks to this role? I already played Tristana and I got good scores, but I lost because I didn't know how to carry through the entire game. I would like to main Sivir, because I often play solo so her spell shield is very usefull when laning against hard CC champions.
  • Answers (7)

    Embracing (353) | August 9, 2016 3:36pm
    Learn and understand what the role of an ADC is, which is to maximize overall dps and be that constant damage dealer in teamfights / skirmishes.

    ADCs aren't as strong early on and require items to scale up, but as the game progresses, especially in the mid and late game, you are the single most important role for winning teamfights. If you get caught out and die just to trade for another kill, odds are you will lose the fight. As such your ultimate goal in the game is to survive and be in a position to deal damage. Note that there will be situations where you can win fights off of being mispositioned and even dying if you manage to bait out the right enemy spells, but in the end situations like that are the exception and should not be considered to be "standard." There are different types of playstyles that branch out from individual beliefs in the role, but that really doesn't apply to people until high diamond and above with how many fundamental errors people make, so you'll want to focus on playing the role right first.

    After you understand this theory you can start to approach actual gameplay, in which the most important aspects are laning, teamfighting, and minion wave optimization.

    Vapora's trist guide has good sections on these segments (he linked them here too)
    Vapora Dark (624) | August 9, 2016 1:02pm
    I would recommend giving my Tristana guide a read-through, it talks a lot about general ADC gameplay rather than just specifically Tristana.
    P joker | August 27, 2016 7:29pm
    Ikanaki | August 16, 2016 2:26pm
    -Early keep on farming ( if possible use your max aa range so you wont be poked by enemy)
    -Follow your support engage
    -Keep aa in teamfight even on tanks
    -Attack minions late game to lifesteal
    -In order to learn "ADC" position, start with easy marksmans : Ashe, Sivir, Varus
    -When you learn position, learn each adc mechanics.
    Good Luck!
    SquidRat | August 13, 2016 1:03pm
    Always a good way to become a Skilled adc is to watch one. Maybe play support with a higher ELO friend or even watch pro games. Once you start playing adc focus on how to last hit minions and cooperating with your support. Hope This Helps!
    luckytoy10 | August 10, 2016 3:43pm
    I would just be trying to farm as much as I can. Remember that you should be able to output the most damage, so build with lots of damage. You should farm jungle camps and even other peoples lanes.

    Don't forget to stand in the back of teamfights. Stay back and remember to attack the closest targets.

    Be mobile and swift because everyone would want to aim at you. I mean you should be the most squishiest and do the most damage.

    Since you are new to ADC I would recommend champions like Ezreal, Lucian, Kaitlyn, and Sivir. Mainly Sivir because she is cheaper to buy and very safe because of her spell shield and abilities to shred enemy teams using her q and w.

    I see it all the time that players pick damage champions than supports. If the player doesn't pick a real support then dodge or tell them.

    My number one rule is just to practice getting CS in lane. Master last hitting. You should have a CS of at least 80 by the end of 10 minutes.
    Ekki (86) | August 9, 2016 3:04pm
    First of all, ADC is in a quite uncomfortable state right now. They might get better as soon as by the end of the year so it's ok if you want to main adc.

    reasons why playing adc sucks

    Now onto the abilities you should polish:

    • Positioning. Key ability for an adc but the most rewarding one as you master it. You need to know where to stand in fights: Mostly behind your frontline (tanks, supports, less important people) but for some champions you can go in and out occasionally ( Twitch, Vayne, Lucian). You also need to keep appropriate distance from every dangerous champion and knowing the different ranges of every champion is very important for that. And don't be afraid of attacking their tanks if attacking their backline would put you in too much danger (unless their tank is a Rammus with Thornmail).

    • Kiting. An ADC has ranged autoattacks and low base stats to compensate for that advantage. What advantage you say? Well, staying far from melee danger while dealing damage yourself. Make a habit of moving between autoattacks and try to cancel the attack animation as soon as possible without cancelling the damage dealt (you'll have to learn the timing). This also works for most spells to some degree. Mainly: Don't stand still while autoattacking.

    • Farming. ADCs have a slow early game and a second guy in lane that will help protect you. Your main objective is to FARM. As a rule of thumb, if you're below 150 farm by minute 20 you're doing poorly. You have to aim higher than 150 though, but it's a rough estimate in case farming is not your best skill. As a secondary, higher level skill related to farming there is Minion wave management. This means knowing how and when to freeze, push or reset a lane and how to harass properly while minimizing minion damage.

    • Matchups. As I explained in "reasons why playing adc sucks", matchups are more complicated for ADCs and supports than for the solo lanes. Having a rough idea of the synergy and counters within your 2v2 lane should make you a better player (e.g. Braum is a decent counter of telegraphed abilities like Caitlyn's Q, R and even the W auto but he can't do much to stop a Leona from grabbing your adc, and he has great synergy with Lucian's double autoattack from both champions' passives). This only comes with experience or by asking about specific matchups, but they are so many that it's really complicated to make a full list of them as useful as a full list of top lane matchups, for example.
    Ekki (86) | August 9, 2016 3:07pm
    Oh, you should also know what makes your ADC special (some are good duelists, some are good against tanks, some push really well, etc.) to exploit that strength as much as you can.
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