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League of Legends (LoL) Question: top mid or jungle

Posted in Champions | Tags: Illaoi 1,231

  • kaotickloudz

    top mid or jungle

    what is the best role for illaoi
  • Answers (0)

    AnEgg | April 20, 2019 10:28am
    Top. Illaoi mid can work but Illaoi jungle is soft inting as to get the most out of her tentacles you have to have a bunch in one place. Illaoi top is best because there is a bigger focus on trades instead of just poking the enemy down like in mid.
    Hamstertamer (73) | April 20, 2019 12:46pm
    Top without question. Mid she can be a situational counterpick to melee divers, but she's not viable in general. And jungle is straight up trolling, since she needs to set up her tentacles in an area to be effective so in a gank she just does nothing.
    Liquidx | April 20, 2019 12:08pm
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