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League of Legends (LoL) Question: will muramana on ryze be worse after the nerf?

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  • mastrer1000

    will muramana on ryze be worse after the nerf?

    for those who did not know, with the patch 3.5 riot changes the damage for the Muramana active to physical damage. will this solve the problem of it being totally broken on ryze because the actual damage stays the same, so ryze with muramana is only harder to counter with magic resist, or am i wrong here?
  • Answers (3)

    PsiGuard (1495) | April 10, 2013 3:32pm
    I'm no mathcrafter, but I expect to see Seraph's Embrace over Muramana now. Unless the damage difference is too significant to drop muramana, it probably won't be much of an option for magic damage champions like Ryze (and Syndra I guess) because you won't have any armor pen. In this meta, tanks generally build primarily health and armor anyway so it's going to be a lot less efficient.

    Muramana will be stronger on AD casters like Kha'Zix though since they'll usually get Black Cleaver and/or Last Whisper in addition to armor pen in runes/masteries.
    PsiGuard (1495) | April 11, 2013 8:13am
    I don't see Ryzes very often and lots of them get RoA->glacial or something and don't end up upgrading tear. Muramana was still built in lower leagues for sure though.
    Embracing (353) | April 11, 2013 3:50am
    I haven't seen Ryzes get Manamuras for a long time o_o For the last few months I always thought the standard build for Ryze was RoA --> Seraph
    Aseafy (25) | April 10, 2013 4:54pm
    There isn't even any "explanation" needed for this, it's a straight up nerf ... unless you get it really really early in the laning phase where they don't have any armor, but that's not even a good early game buy.

    People have more armor than magic resistance naturally, so even if the even team builds equal resistances, muramana still does less damage on ryze.
    Kingluis (8) | April 20, 2013 2:41am
    Completely agreed with you.

    Normally Ryze go mana and sometimes magic pen, so with this change on Muramana, magic pen won't make Muramana deal more damage, because it will deal Physical over Magic damage.

    And the fact that late game tanks have more armor, will garantee that ryze will deal less damage with that item.

    Still... He may get it early game, and later game change it into Seraph's Embrace...
    Katipo (1) | April 24, 2013 7:11pm
    Muramana Ryze is not viable now and Seraph's also received an endgame nerf. More on both here.

    Comment has been deleted

    DKitten (78) | April 10, 2013 1:58pm
    It's especially a nerf to any Ryze players who used magic pen marks...which is most of them XD
    LiLStormcloaK (72) | April 10, 2013 1:15pm
    lol hybrid ryze gg, just build seraphs it's actually really cost efficient.
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