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Booshido's Mobafire Blog

25 Dec

Views: 1752 gg (graves guide)

tempted to make a guide for graves, although i will most likely make it on solomid and see if it goes good there :3
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22 Dec

Views: 773 zzz

cant stop losing solo q, i do bad like every 8th game, just teams too ****ing heavy goodbye 1700 goodbye 1600 goodbye 1500, im coming for uuuu 1400.
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18 Dec

Views: 947 skins

K got Bloodlord Vlad and gunna insta buy Pulsefire Ezreal Definitely my last RP purchase...
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15 Dec

Views: 1114 nice comment

"Remember guides are to help people get a feel for how you should play him. You shouldn't worry about it being out of date if it helps people learn ezreal right?"

but now mobafire went crazy on the looks, dont get me wrong i love aesthetic pleasing guides, i love aesthetics in everything, but it looked like people just went for guides, and didnt actully know how to play,

I remember seeing a few threads recently that made me livid, "anyone pro with this champion i want to make a guide"

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