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13 Dec
First of all with the runes

Greater Mark of Destruction: +1.0 Armor Penetration/+.57 Magic Penetration, 820 IP
Greater Seal of Endurance: +0.5% Health, 820 IP
Greater Seal of Avarice: +0.25 gold/10 sec, 410 IP
Greater Quintessence of Destruction: +2.0 Armor Penetration/+1.13 Magic Penetration, 2050 IP
Greater Quintessence of Vampirism: +2% Lifesteal, 2050 IP
Greater Quintessence of Endurance: +1.5% increased health, 2050 IP
Greater Quintessence of Transmutation: +2% Spellvamp, 2050 IP

here are some stats i found on reddit

"Health % seals break...
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06 Dec

Views: 516 dota

okay been playing dota 2 for last2 days, i find it very fun. last hitting is hard, kills need to be tiemd, u cant spam or u do get mana issues. so much items to build, almost impossible to be fully built, very good team input,

anyone else play this?
sooooooooo gud.
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