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Booshido's Mobafire Blog - Tag: booshido

31 Dec

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Having fun trying this, its working out well. (in normal draft)
Super strong early game - mid game.
Master Baiter.
not sure about starting item yet, ive done Regrowth Pendant Health Potion but kinda useless with no wards, then Cloth Armor Health Potion sight ward which is porbably best option, cloth will be going into Aegis.
Core : Heart of Gold, Mercury's Treads, Spirit Visage, Aegis of the Legion
After: I would build either more tank items...
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13 Dec
First of all with the runes

Greater Mark of Destruction: +1.0 Armor Penetration/+.57 Magic Penetration, 820 IP
Greater Seal of Endurance: +0.5% Health, 820 IP
Greater Seal of Avarice: +0.25 gold/10 sec, 410 IP
Greater Quintessence of Destruction: +2.0 Armor Penetration/+1.13 Magic Penetration, 2050 IP
Greater Quintessence of Vampirism: +2% Lifesteal, 2050 IP
Greater Quintessence of Endurance: +1.5% increased health, 2050 IP
Greater Quintessence of Transmutation: +2% Spellvamp, 2050 IP

here are some stats i found on reddit

"Health % seals break...
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