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14 Dec

Views: 571 R.I.P. ARAM

Aram's pretty much dead. Back one month, people would still play it to relax from SR, for a quick game or for fun. Now people play it to pretty much attempt and try the games under 5 minutes.

I'm bored, need new game modes.
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13 Dec

It's become this kind of disease. I just go around shopping for hours and spend so much time trying out new shoes. I swear I have pairs I only used like once. I don't even have a feet thing, it's just those things are the best about clothing, I can't even enjoy a guy if he's not wearing good shoes (****ing ricky martin, yu're so hot but that wardrobe needs a nuke)

So my closet is out :3
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10 Dec
Why are people building Ravenous Hydra on anything that's melee?

Seriously, I've seen it on champs that would rather get a botrk to avoid getting kited and who actually use the AS(like Aatrox, Shyvana, Sion), on pretty much ANY melee AD Jungler even if the Jungler is behind (0/4 Lee Sin, better get that hydra FAST), on Zed, on Kha'Zix, on Pantheon, on EVERYTHING.

I just go to the point I dunno if the item is so darn broken/cost efficient and I'm missing it or people on drugs. I mean, it adds burst to some champs, but isn't it mostly great for...
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01 Dec

clickey for link

So it's Monday again (at least in Portugal), so we've released another Flavor of the Month weekly Stats with the usual DiamondQ Top10, for those who wanna follow league trends or just confirm their guesses at who will rape what.

Also, stfu all you nubs wanting Lucian nurfs, Sivir must go down first (well she's going to get narfed)
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25 Nov

So me and some other guy started a LoL-related blog, Flavor of the Month, and apart from News you can obtain from anywhere I though we could add some nice interesting features, one being top WInrates/picks of the week for SoloQueue and Diamond in particular. I wanted to know what you guys think of all of this, basically :v
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