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01 Nov

Views: 1965 wtf riotu

I failed my first series for G2, re-qualify immediately and win this game. Nonetheless, there's a defeat mark there along with the victory. Plis.

Samara says I have 9 days.
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31 Jul

Views: 550 Passing on Kayle guide

Soooo I have stopped playing Kayle for a while. Got sick of her, know she's still pretty beast and stuff. Anyway I don't think I should be taking care of that guide directly, but it's still the mobafire top guide and I would pretty much like to pass it on or it's info update to someone who actually follows Kayle's progression as a character. All credit would obviously be given at the start of the guide and at the end etc etc.

If noone wants to halp/take it over I'll just bug throatslasher :3
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10 Apr

Views: 1270 Hip Hop

So is it just me or is this music category a race to the kind of douche? I mean, I don't know much of it at all, but all I hear, from le1f and nicki minaj to azaelia banks and brooke candy, and whatever other **** I've been randomly hit by, all I hear is "I rock, I ride all that ****/*****es wan't my ****, I'm the next big thing, I'm ****ing amazing".

So basically, hip hop is about fapping to yourself?
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18 Mar

Views: 1004 Oh Loard

So I got a channel, Here like I promised to MissMaw if ever should I buy a good mic. I'm currently streaming randoms stuff coz no viewers and I cba'd filtering material yet :>
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24 Jan

Views: 1138 How some people work

So recently I was reading the recent posts and I came upon something on Vapora about him wanting to make a new guide. I wrote all the replies and saw someone tell him he couldn't do a guide better than his own, since he had tons of experience with that champ.

Curious, I visited the guide. It was ok, had some mistakes which seemed pretty obvious. I commented about those mistakes and something else.


So after the drama on that thread I get some message from said person claiming I downvoted a random guide, even after me saying I cba about that person's...
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