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22 Jan
Whew, revamps sort-of-done. Finished the Kayle one, need balls to give it a runes section eventually, and make an Index for the three guides so people can navigate and have funs.

On the side, I've been eying another champ to write a guide for. She got more balls than I do (thank god) and I find her current top guide a wee bit lackluster. Polsemanden will even make it to the credits for suggesting "balls to the walls" as a name title. I'll probably take a bigger effort on the graphics for that one. Or not.

On the side, I gotta go back to both my elo climb threads,...
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18 Jan

Views: 501 This "elo hell" thing

I know there's a strong "there is no elo hell" thing around, and I half-agree. But lately I've been realizing I lose more games when I duo queue with lower elo friends than when I solo. It's just that no matter how bad/mediocre my laners are, I just can't have enough general presence to forcecarry and pretty much someone ****s up somewhere.

It's all a lot more complex than it looks, but at least on my regular elo there's less idiots and it's generally easier to create farmlane conditions while still creating gank or fight situations that are favorable. Heck, there's less dc's...
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08 Jan
Jhoijhoi be my goddess, I have finally updated 2 of my 3 guides. However, new pains have ensued since I basically created a navigation system on my Swain Guide through anchors for the matchup section so people don't have to scroll up and down, and IT HURTS. Worse, I gotta put it on my Rumble guide now. And the Kayle one is still hurting for the visual update + fancy coding + navigation ****.

Hopefully people will stahp the "only...
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29 Dec
I've been playing jungle Evelynn for a while now. In fact, she's basically the only champ I jungle (tried Elise recently, and am starting to get serious with Olaf), I even played her in an inhouse (Khazem got fed again...but I digress), did pretty well early game, derped a bit mid, but caught up again lategame.

Point: I think jungle eve is underplayed and a bit misunderstood. I see most eve junglers start blue (dood, her passive... HER PASSIVE), mediocre ganks, etc etc. Think it'd be worth taking my time writing a guide about her jungling? I'd even be up to testing her AP jungle so...
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