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05 Dec
Swain Guide Thing

So I've been away from ages until I've come back like 1-2 months ago. Basically, had to process my hate for Riot's dunking of my main fun champions consecutively (Swain, Malz, Yorick) and was honestly tired and not having fun.

Now that I'm back, I've realized I like Swain more than I thought I would, aaaand I'm tired of seeing them build the GLP thing into Visage like that's a good thing (ugh.) Basically, I wanted some opinions on the guide and all that, so...
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28 Mar

Views: 2055 lady gragas

Yes you should be there. I have played a total of 10 games in bronze and lost 0. Got bored since it's repeatedly like playing against bots. No offense, but that is how it feels.

I've hit my amount of walls as I climbed elos: Silver 1, Gold 5-3, Plat 5, and getting better took me out. However, I felt the frustration of being stuck somewhere and thought to myself that maybe MAYBE Bronze is indeed this cesspool of leavers, intentional feeders blah blah blah.


Bronze, my dear stuck mates, is the place where people don't know how to play. Plain and simple. You may know what's...
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25 Mar

Views: 857 lady gragas

So a really quick update: I've been quite AFK lately because I'm sharing my pc with le bf. His laptop broke and it's taking a while to fix. I'm also finally about to get a job which means my LoL time will be cut, specially because other personal projects are coming up. I assume I'll do more marathon LoL games then separate ones.

I've also changed my Summoner Name. I hated the "o" in "FalseoGod", and since "FalseGod" was taken I changed it to "FatChocobo" ^^

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12 Mar

Views: 609 lady gragas

Oh man I've been poking around Dark Souls 2 reviews and they've made me so excited o.o It's so rare nowadays to have (spiritual) sequels to something good (demon and dark souls) and getting as feedback stuff like "retains it's roots but improves upon them and delivers what people desire".

I mean, other spiritual series successors I followed have been a disappointment for some time now, namely Final Corridor XIII and Square-Enix' need to "re-invent" every single aspect of game, from game to game, creating useless systems like the Crystarium, Sphere Grid and Job...
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26 Feb

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Yep, I will. As long as it's graphic design/editorial design/identity design/webdesign(eh you'll regret this)/illustration/photography. All I require is a job/paid internship.

Now why would you want to do that? Well, because I'm awesome, you'd have my eternal gratitude, my potential eternal friendship (**** happens) and I'd gift you something. Like a ferret. Or skins. Or a personal assassin. I can also cook, design stuff for ya, make *****y spot-on remarks on people you hate, pacify your mother, and I got a PS3 I can share.

No really, get me a job in my area or close and I'll...
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