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24 Jan
Hallowvrybuddy, Foo here. Making another strategy post!

I was playing a game as ADC earlier, and I saw that my AP carry ( Orianna) had built Morrelo's Evil Tome Morellonomicon. I immediately facepalmed and thought to myself "What a scrub."

I then stopped myself and thought: "Wait, have I ever even given it a chance? I consider myself very open to unconventional strategies, and maybe Morellonomicon is actually a decent item." So, let's take a look at the math. (NOTE: I wrote this litte bit before I started doing the math, so I have no idea how...
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22 Jan
Hallowvrybuddy, Foo here. Making another strategy post. (Got bored because I finished my vlad guide)

I have seen quite a few Zed mid's lately, and they always seem to max Shadow Slash. Even on streams that I see, and I just don't get it. Zed is all about burst, and Shadow Slash does not give as much burst as Razor Shuriken. I can understand maxing Shadow Slash on top lane because it's better for dueling, and you have to max it as a jungle. I just don't see any good reasons to max Shadow Slash in mid lane.

(E does not do more damage for each hit with clone. Q...
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03 Jan

Hallowvrybuddy, Foo here. I am coming with another strategy post! Today, we will be discussing the skill order on many AP middle lane champions.

Here is the original thread.

From now on, this blog will have original posts.

There are two things that are very important for middle lane champions:

1. Creep Clear
2. Burst Damage

Most skill orders for AP champions are made to optimize one of these, so let's look at many APs that don't prioritize creep clear...
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02 Jan
Hallowvrybuddy, Foo here. Welcome to my first blog post! I am going to be posting strategy threads here and in GD. I will start this blog by posting the few threads I have already posted in GD. After I am done with that, I will post new content here and in GD.

I will also post about other things (i.e. I am currently working on getting plat, and writing a vlad guide).


With the new changes to Doran's Shield, it has become one of my favorite items. Looking at its stats, I started wondering if I could buy it anywhere else than top lane. I thought about trying...
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