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LaCorpse's Mobafire Blog

04 Aug

Views: 572 Seven Days

Hey guys!
As you know, my wedding has been a big reason why there has been a delay in my 'activity'. Well, it has come to the point where I need to focus on these things. There are seven days left until my wedding!

Here is my schedual/to-do list for the following week.

Saturday (today) - Work 12 hours (call restaurant and make the reservation for after wedding dinner party, make list of photo poses I want to do). I have re-downloaded photoshop so I can do some requests in my...
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04 Aug

Hey guys,
I just wanted to give my friends here at moba an update on me and where I have been.

I've been planning my wedding and being social! Haha. In simple words; I've just been busy.

My friends have been over almost every week, I've been going out dress shopping and all that girly stuff that goes along with weddings. Although I did get my Wedding dress months ago, my mom is still stuck on what to get :p

Recently, a friend of mine gave me an art pad, so I'm really...
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04 Aug

Starting sunday I will be cramming in as many graphic requests as possible, even the ones that were in my inbox, because... starting Monday, I'll be inactive again. Sorry!

My husband (I'm just gonna start calling him that now, since the wedding is getting so close), wishes for my company while he tromps through DIABLO 3! Monday night we will be buying food, and stocking up on gamer fuel for the 12AM release and for hours beyond that. I won't be getting any sleep for a few days, as...
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04 Aug

Views: 469 Update

Real Money Auction House -

That is all...

P.S I'll update my guides soon. Stop spamming that I need to do it. Derp a herp. I just have other things I'm doin!
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04 Aug

Views: 546 I'm Back!

Hey everyone,
I would like to let you guys know that I'm back! I still have wedding planning that I'm doing, so I will be busy but not too busy! I'll be updating my guides soon, making graphics and being more active!

P.S My Ahri guide made it #1 Guide while I was gone! WOW!!

See you guys on the forums <3
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