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LaCorpse's Mobafire Blog

24 Aug

Hey Moba!
So, my wedding is over! It was a blur, I hardly remember much, just a lot of happy crying and cold beachy air :p I know some of you will want to know how it all went and will want photos and such so I'm here to deliver! (I'll add better photos when I get home, currently at work. I am sorry for the bad quality, for FB sucks)

The Night Before:
The night before my wedding, my maid of honor and bridesmaid thought it would be a great idea to team up with the men for...
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04 Aug

Views: 540 Its News Time!

Hello Mobafire.
As some of you have noticed, recently MissMaw has put her Miss Fortune guide in the archive. Her Miss Fortune guide was rated number one for quite a while, and I always admired it. Today, MissMaw suggested I write one in place of hers, but I honestly felt as though I wouldn't be able to do one that was a nice and informative as hers.

This is when an idea struck! There are a few colab guides out there, and we felt as though it was our turn to do one. So, if you...
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04 Aug

Views: 1321 Let me clear things up

Hey guys. You know what time it is? Rant time! Ready? Okay.

As you all know, I'm mostly known here because I make graphics. I make guide graphics and signatures for other people to use. Let me get this strait for those of you that don't understand how those graphics should be used.

1. ANY AND ALL GRAPHICS I MAKE FOR SOME ONE ELSE (a customer) are never to be used by anyone else. The only way you can possibly use these items are if you ask the person I have...
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04 Aug

Views: 488 Haiiii

Hey guys!
So, I've been wanting to make a tutorial lately (something graphic art related). It has been a while since I've done so. I just wanted to get some opinions/requests.

Some of you have sent me inboxs and what not asking how I've done something.

So I was wondering, do any of you have any specific requests for a tutorial?
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04 Aug

Views: 838 Meh.

After I'm done with the MF guide me and MissMaw are doing, I think I'm done writing guides.

No, this is not a QQ post. :p

I just feel like.. I'm not doing good enough for the scores I have.
I hear too many people complaining that the only reason they are "popular" is because of my signatures, and how pretty they are.

So I've decided, I'm just going to start helping people with their guides. By that, I mean.. I guess you could say "pimp" them out. If I...
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