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LaCorpse's Mobafire Blog

04 Aug

Hey guys,
So I wanted a place to put some resources of mine for the art community here on mobafire. Eventually I'll be moving it over to a guide - so I can have a menu with easy Navigation. Since I don't have any tutorials or a huge selection of graphics yet - this will do.

What to expect in the future:
- Guides
- PSDs
- Photoshop Brushes (made by me)
- Stock Images
- Maybe some renders
- Fractals
- Links to some awesome downloads.

Some Cool Places

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10 Jul

Views: 445 Bree's To-Do List

I need a place to put my "to do" list, for things related to mobafire. I guess I'll put them here. :)

To-Do List
  • Fractals
  • Update my recourse guide with new things
  • Make a new tutorial, try to make it weekly.
  • Continue to work on Lulu guide.
  • Find time to take screen shots and videos for my current guides.
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07 Jan

Views: 652 My First Blog

I'm new here to mobafire and, I've been thinking about writing a blog weekly. I guess just to "document" what champion I'm playing at the time, what I like about the champion and what not.

I guess the whole reason I want to start this is to get to know some people and find some new friends. I think that could be good Right?

So, lets start my first blog with more about me.

I'm a female, and I'm 21 years old. (I'm...
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