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LaCorpse's Mobafire Blog

04 Aug
Hey guys!
So, Jhoijhoi wanted a walk though on how I did Missmaw's Ahri signature. I figured I might as well make a video tutorial on it. It covers how I did it and also gives a tad more information for those who don't know about shortcuts and all.

I'm including a download a long with the video with everything you'll need.

Included in the download:
- The PSD
- The Original Image
- The Fractal
- The Font
- The Gradient

Download the file

Here is the video (Please excuse my fiancee's massive mouse ticking and...
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04 Aug

Views: 952 Playing Games With Bree

Lately it has been hard for me to enjoy games when I queue with other people. It seems like I may need a break from the game right now because most of my games have been stressful and that is when I know it is time to walk away for a bit or do some troll/ARAM games.

I play League for fun. I don't care about theory crafting or whatever because I got sick of it when I was playing WoW. For the most part I find that if you don't follow the crowed when it comes to builds, runes, or...
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04 Aug

Views: 522 Oh Dear, the Horror!

So, I'm extreammmmllly bored right now at work so I thought I would write a much better blog than my last. Haha!

The reason why I'm so insanely bored right now is because our computer went down at work too (Just my luck right? Went down two days after the one at home did too). Normally, I would be able to play some custom/bot games while at work but the temporary computer I'm using right now is 10 years old and lags when I open anything. I mean seriously lag. It will do that...
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04 Aug

Views: 415 Bree's PSDs

I guess I'll start sharing some.
I'll be hosting these on my personal website for now.
No annoying adverts! I'm not really using it anyways :p

w i l d // Nidalee Signatre
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