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Pheyniex's Mobafire Blog - Tag: Me and the Game

06 Oct
Season 3 is about to end this month and Riot is working on some tweaks. Some have been approached in the forums, others may not be seen as an issue. However, and since I belive Riot takes the heavy "shifting balance" method, I will mention some other possibilities, that do not really respect this philosophy.
The main flag for Riot right now is gold income for supports and junglers. I will write some things they will probably do, as well as other ideas of mine:
  • Removal of Clairvoyance as a spell. If this is done, an item or two will be introduced with an active...
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16 Sep
So, I'm back with my rant on Riot's Game management. Let's start with something fun, maybe...

This is probably the game's most defining item, starting with the fact it gives a bit of every offensive stat. However, this always takes the risk of taking blows with every slight change of the game. While it was very popular in S2, it fell out of grace for several reasons:
  • Games became very short and Trinity Force was way more expensive.
  • Phage price had gone up due to resistance price balancing (more on this later)
  • [[Blade of the...
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11 Jul
So, we are in midseason, roughly, and Riot decided to make ARAM an official gamemode a while now. Most recently, we witnessed the release of an item (interesting and much needed, imo), Orb of Winter. It responds to a need for play against extreme classic pokers, such as Nidalee, Lux, Ziggs and Janna. However it takes Jayce to a higher place, since this basterd deals physical damage.

Nevermind what I said above, it is a simple introduction. What I bring you today is my opinion on Riot's gameplay on it's players, meaning I shall bring you exhibit A:...
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03 Sep
So... already September. AUgust was a good month regarding LoL. I infiltrated into the MOBA comunity and participated in Inhouses, etc.
However, I still make those silly mistakes tanks usually do. And I'm still so afraid to death of griefers, I avoid going alone.

Went Draft 5v5 today, though, as Taric. =3
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