Season 3 is about to end this month and Riot is working on some tweaks. Some have been approached in the forums, others may not be seen as an issue. However, and since I belive Riot takes the heavy "shifting balance" method, I will mention some other possibilities, that do not really respect this philosophy.
The main flag for Riot right now is gold income for supports and junglers. I will write some things they will probably do, as well as other ideas of mine:
  • Removal of Clairvoyance as a spell. If this is done, an item or two will be introduced with an active that acts like it.
  • Wriggle's Lantern will be slightly cheaper (my bet is around 300g, even though it may not seem enough)
  • An interesting alternative to Wriggle's Lantern
  • Aegis of the Legion, Runic Bulwark and Locket of the Iron Solari reworked/removed
  • Jungle monsters will give more gold if the killer has Smite or a specific mastery (requiring a bit of investment points)
  • Smite will deal more damage to jungle monsters than lane minions.
  • Mastery/rune exclusive items (intended for supports, requiring investing in somewhat useless-for-laning materies/runes)
  • New items with specific stat combinations (maybe odd ones), so that specific champions can have more consistency ingame (trollmode suggestion: AP+Critchance+Passive says spells can crit, have fun).
    • Following the Clairvoyance suggestion, items with mechanics like Hextech Sweeper can become popular support items if introduced.
    • An item that boosts your damage/resistances slightly if you have low creep score
    • items for mid to ward their areas, so they won't be so reliant on support and jungler (doubt this one will be)
  • Some resit penetration components might be nerfed (mainly percetage based ones)
  • AD price might raise slighty (very unlikely, even though the last change made a large impact for AD casters to take over)
  • AS (and other AD dependant stat) price might be reduced
  • Entropy or a similar item might appear in SR.

    these are just opinative changes Riot might undertake. Feel free to share your own opinion about mine and possibly what you think Riot will do to change the meta for next season!