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PsiGuard's Mobafire Blog

21 Jan
For those of you who have been tuning in to my stream, I've recently switched to My new channel can be found here. Feel free to Follow if you're interested. :D

I've also switched from using xsplit broadcaster to a program called OBS (Open Broadcasting Service), which means higher video and audio quality for my future streams. Twitch chat is also pretty nice compared to own3d.

I'll be streaming mostly on weekends when I can get access to the computer labs at my college (where the internet connection is good enough to...
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12 Nov
The upcoming season seems to be a sort of New Year's occasion for League players. With the elo reset (more or less) coming up soon, a lot of people are setting goals for the coming soon so I figured I might as well write down some of my thoughts as well.

1. Rank up my soloqueue rating (surprise, surprise)
This past summer and early fall I finally started getting into solo/duo ranked and working on my elo. Though I have limited access to decent internet at my college (basically just Friday and Saturday evenings right now), I was able to reach my goal of hitting gold before season's end...
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21 Aug

Views: 1575 MIA

Hey guys, I'll be traveling starting tomorrow morning with limited internet access at best. I won't be on League for quite a while and I will likely be much less active than I have been so far.

Dunno when I'll be back to normal. Maybe a week or two. Maybe longer depending on how busy I am when I get to college. I'll be on moba when I'm able though.
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