I'll be posting screenshots of my (and wRAth's) ranked progress in the coming weeks. Pop by and see how we're doing if you're at all interested. I'm starting at 1303 elo (had a bad loss streak :[ ) and wRAth was about 1280.

Day 1: 1303-1371

Day 2: 1371-1416

wRAth had a rough early game against Lee Sin, rather than Gangplank who we thought would be top. I started wraiths->red and went to gank top at level two, but got caught by Gangplank at tri, almost dying and burning my flash. wRAth started letting Lee Sin push slowly to his tower, netting me a kill and assist in laning phase. From level 6 I started picking up kills in mid for our brand. Gangplank was busy going 6/1 from our mid and bot lanes, but I kept ahead of him in farm and made sure Lux didn't get farmed or fed. Bot lane was nearly ungankable because Vayne decided to push and get herself killed, but Gangplank spent too much time lurking bot, giving me free reign of the other two lanes. By the time team fights rolled around, Brand was doing huge damage and I could kill lux repeatedly by diving right as brand comboed. GP couldn't carry with all the gold he'd mustered and we won pretty much every team fight from then on.

For some odd reason, our first-pick Lux (another one, how odd) decided not to ban Shaco, so our team had a horrible time early game. I got picked off by Shaco near the end of my route after Ashe's hawkshot spoiled my early gank attempt. After I cleared some more camps, Shaco nested the brush by my blue buff and I didn't bother checking it with Q. Died again, though Shaco was too low or scared to take blue, so I got it for lux after. From then on, I played really cautiously, farmed up, picked up 2 kills top lane and started getting kills in mid and bot with my allies' help. Kennen started ganking top after wRAth's tower fell, so after helping him the first time, I warded and jungled near bot waiting for kennen to do it again. When they were distracted top, the 4 of us dove bot lane, getting 3 kills, 2 towers and a dragon. We had total map control from then on and lux and I could take on half their team while wRAth kept the other ones occupied. Then all 5 of their team made the mistake of trying to gank wRAth while he pushed their inner (not inhib) tower top lane. Half our team went to help him out, while Alistar and I killed mid inhib, both nexus towers and almost finished the game before we were stopped. We regrouped and pushed for the win. :)

If you're interested in my builds, you should be able to find them in my build repository.