5 years ago I officially created my account on here. What started as some quick fun by messing with the guide creator, may have gone a little bit out of hand. And here we are.

While my champion guide author days might be behind me unfortunately (Uni happened), many more opportunities have come up. For a while now I've been involved as a moderator and contest judge. I've really enjoyed my time here and hope to continue for as long as possible. And most recently I've gotten the honour of covering Worlds 2022 and our fantasy league in partnership with E-Go.

So I'm not going anywhere just yet, I still have a lot left to create on here. More esports content to begin with. Even if it might just be an unofficial thing for myself instead of front page articles. How and when, we'll see.

Thank you to all wonderful people I've met on here. Continue being awesome, the best is yet to come.