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Silverman43's Mobafire Blog

18 Aug

Views: 1271 Maokai's current state

The image says enough. Maokai is almost never played anymore. OP.GG doesn't even have enough sample data available of him. How can a champion that was good enough for a victorious skin fall so hard out of popularity?

1. The current meta
As a tank, Maokai isn't the best champion in the current meta. This is due the rise of bruisers and Conqueror, Black Cleaver, Blade of the Ruined King... being in every game. Also, games tend to be shorter and more burst oriented. Maokai is a mid-lategame champion and needs items to...
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04 Apr
Hello, Im Silverman43 and this is my first blog post. Today I want to talk about the different tyes of damage in the game and how to counter them.

First of all, there is the high amount of true damage in the game. True damage basically has no counter, except for building large amounts of health. But by prioritizing HP, you might miss some important resistances against other enemies. It has already improved somewhat, but Riot seems to be a big fond of it. Conqueror, Infinity Edge (both especially before the reworks), execute ultimates like Pyke's, Garen's, Darius'......
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