Downvoting is a very interesting tool in your disposal of Mobafire member. It allows you to downvote guides that are way too troll.... wait that can't be right..... lemme try again. It allows you to put the work of someone else down... nah not that. It is a great way to show your disagreement with the other person.... Well - yes but is it right?

Downvoting is a term that means for everybody on Mobafire something different. What I'd like to do in this post is to basically prove that my look at downvoting is better then yours :D

For many people downvoting is a great way to punish bad guide concepts. But should you really downvote a guide just because you consider it bad? Imagine a standard short guide talking about tank Sona for example. You of course consider the concept of Sona building tank items trolly and you downvote because the guide is just bad and it doesn't teach new players how to play Sona right. But how can you know What is right and what isn't? Just because the data on all sites proves your point right doesn't mean that it really is. Double support botlane was also considered trolly few months ago. And see now, Riot nerfed both Lux and Sona in one patch because they were just super oppressive in one lane and they have seen stellar winrates. So how can you know that this exact guide is not the hidden meta? It is apparent that the writer actually got success with his concept and so wanted to spread it into the world. And you came here and downvoted the guide without a second thought. Should you really downvote in situations like this?

Some people downvote low effort or no matchup section or no guide chapters guides. However every guide requires a lot of effort. Truth is that some guides require more effort then others but all of them require some. I mean the guide is doing it's job. It is helping new players. Sure it might not be fully 100% oriented guide talking about EVERYTHING but the writer quickly shared his concept with his world and just because he/she didn't want to include matchup section there was his/her choice. Maybe the writer didn't want you to think about matchups. I mean the best way to learn matchups is to go through the pain of Leona against Morgana in person. Matchups are usually player (not champion - depends on lane) dependant anyway and so the impact of matchup section in your guide isn't as important in many cases. The writer truly didn't want to be too specific because he/she didn't have enough time or dedication for his/her guide but the writer created the guide anyway to help others... But you came here and downvoted the guide without a second thought. Should you really downvote in situations like this?

Alright the last way of downvoting will be my point of view so read the rest of the blog post in a voice of an old and wise elder man. In my opinion you should downvote only If the guide strictly breaks the rules of Mobafire itself. Hateful content, racism, sexism, homophobic lines, etc. are all in my opinion downvote-worthy. Usually it is better to notify the writer first that they are actually breaking the rules of Mobafire. Often times writers are not acknowledged with the fact that disrespectful content shouldn't be posted even as a joke, pun or exaggeration.

Alright I really wanted to write more at first but I am OMEGA LAZY now XD
So as for final words. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOWNVOTING!!! Is it really the best reaction you can show to the person? Isn't better to - first - prove him your point in the comment section?