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tehAsian's Mobafire Blog

23 Jun
I was in a game against this Warwick, who raged at his team for feeding and going double jungle, and both teams made fun of him for QQing.

Then he adds me as a friend just to repeatedly spam "bronze elo scrub" at me, and when he was done removes me.

Then the weird part is, I chuckled at it >_>

I'm wondering if it's maturity or something else.
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14 Mar

Views: 1108 To Post, or not to Post?

Today, I showed my friend MOBAfire.

He was quite surprised that there were no jungle Ezreal guides, and I told him I'd make one just because there were none.

Then I remembered all the trolls and don't feel like making it anymore >_<

My question here is, do you want a guide on Jungle Ez, or no?
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04 Mar

Views: 1095 I give up

I can't take it anymore. I'm never playing a normal 5v5 game again.

Every time I play, there's always this one ****** who wants to do whatever the **** he wants, and ***** up everyone's game. Brand already locked in mid? First time Twisted Fate takes it from him. Solo top Wukong? Nope, taken by Tryndamere in the last 10 seconds.

At least in ranked, my team is competent enough to switch around the roles and pick according to everyone else. Do I get that in normals? No, just some ******* who gets beaten by a Karma mid.

And while we're on the subject of skill,...
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25 Feb seems everyone here has some kind of use for their blog.

My question here is...what should I do? Suggestions anyone? :D Because I'm getting tired of not doing anything here while I'm on my **** comps without LoL.
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04 Feb

Views: 744 Memory Lane

I decided to do a memory lane ^^

This is mostly to recall past events or interesting things that happened while I played LoL.

I remember ...
When Kennen's E made him untargetable...

I thought Evelynn was OP...

Twitch was never free and when I saw him played, I was like wtf is this rat?...

When Pantheon dived me and I was like 'idiot' until he blocked tower shots...

When I built AD tank Morgana...

When I saw Akali on the other team and was like "GG D:"...

When I actually lost bot games(LOLOLOL)...

When glass cannons...
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