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tehAsian's Mobafire Blog

16 Jan
So I just finished watching he first two episodes of My Little Pony Season 1. I have to say, I liked it more than I thought I would. At first since there was a pony thread on this site, I decided to watch a few episodes to see what I would think, and I ended up enjoying seeing Twilight make friends in ponyville.

Just shows that I should try something before I bash it.
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10 Jan

Views: 647 Hair Spa Ad

WHAT THE F*** is that hair spa ad? its really annoying and has nothing to do with MOBAfire or LoL for that matter. It doesnt pop up all the time, but sometimes I click on a link and it just cancels my request :/
Is there a way to get rid of it, or is it just me?
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02 Jan

Views: 1503 Co-Op Vs. Ai Games

I recently had a game with a bad Xerath. He had no idea how to play the champion at all, and demanded on going mid. I wanted to, at first, because playing AP Ez needed a solo lane, vs another hopefully squishy champ, so you can get fed a nuke. So basically, he went mid and fed their Kennen. So while we were about to lose, our Riven made a comment saying that Xerath was bad. Xerath replied that he wouldnt be playing if he was good with Xerath.

So, basically our xerath sucked with xerath and we lost because of that.

So PLEASE, if you arent good...
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24 Dec
When I first started playing LoL, I was a nice person. I defended the feeders and tried to stop the arguing teammates. But now, ever since I got better, I'm getting more and more annoyed at leavers, feeders, noobs, etc. Sometimes, they get me so mad I yell at my computer, something I never did. What happened? Is it some disease that happens if you find out you're better than some people?

Also, what the hell happened to Teemo and Xin Zhao? And Jax? I don't see anymore of these, and when I do it's me random autolocking :p
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