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tehAsian's Mobafire Blog

24 Sep

Views: 729 I Joined the Tribunal

To see if I had any cases against me.

Then I started reviewing every other case.

-_____________________- I'm getting depressed at this community.
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16 Jul

Views: 1899 Best Solo Queue Carries

Yah so I've been playing a lot of ranked games recently, and I've noticed something.

Carrying as a champion with a truckload of CC is a lot easier than carrying with your standard top/ap/ad carry. Also, supports and junglers carry harder than any other role.

To explain this I'm going to take my new 'free elo' champions. My old free elo champion was Kennen in mid/top. Yet I've lost a large portion of those games, all because of one thing: I was a squishy carry.

My new 'free elo' champions are Nautilus, Alistar, and Malphite. They all have something in...
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12 Jul
New Evelynn.

Real stronk.

Q has 40% bonus AD/AP scaling. Base damage is ridiculous too.

W is W. Move speed buff, moving on.

E has 80% bonus AD (forgot the AP) scaling. Base damage also very high (270 at level 5) and mana cost is like 70 tops. Also 120% AS Steroid, which is ridiculous as ****.

Then her ult gives her a damage shield. 150 each champion hit at level 1, 300 at level 3. 5x that's 750 at level 6 if possible, 1500 if you manage to hit everyone in a team fight. The range is pretty big too, so it's not even that difficult.

So yeah. Real stronk. Loving her...
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27 Jun

Views: 1149 Unbelievable

Today I just had the most UNBELIEVABLE ranked win.

RIGHT AWAY our soon-to-be support started badmouthing our second pick, saying he was a terrible jungle Darius that went 0/5 last game, and that we shouldn't let him jungle.

The game started off with okay bans, Cassiopeia/ Jax (wtf)/ Shen for us, something else for the other team. Our captain first picks a Solo Top, an Olaf, other team picks Jarvan IV (jungling). Then, our second pick INSTALOCKS Nautilus jungle. By now our team was saying GG while the other team picks Tristana bot and Kassadin mid....
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