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tehAsian's Mobafire Blog

01 Feb

Views: 732 New Bots

They haven't changed. Still easy, still weak, just stronger/better picks :/

I'm disappointed.
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31 Jan

Views: 1770 AD Kennen

I heard AD Kennen was the new Fotm in Europe or something. And yet something is bothering me about it:

They're building a squishy, glass cannon Kennen.

Being an avid Kennen player and such, blah blah blah theory crafting blah, I don't get why they aren't using Guardian Angel for survivability, and instead rush Phantom Dancer > Infinity Edge. I mean, WHAT THE FU-??? You max W first, but you don't get AD items to achieve the greatest synergy with it?

Second, I was browsing on Solomid the other day and I saw a guide maxing Q over E. WHY YOU NO GET...
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28 Jan
So what exactly makes a troll want to troll?

So far, I've got it narrowed down to a few things:
  • The want to impress friends.
  • Hate against whatever they're trolling
  • Boredom
  • They're having a bad day

These look like good answers, but I'm not really sure about it. I mean, if you show your friends what how you trolled on something, won't their reaction be more like "wtf, that's not nice. Not cool bro." instead of "LOLOLOL you really showed that noob!"

Hating on the subject at the matter is basically being biased as opposed to...
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23 Jan
A funny thing happened the past few months. I started ranked and fell in Elo. Then I stopped and decided to practice in normal games. Shortly thereafter, I released my Kennen guide, and actually started playing Kennen in ranked(I was 1W 3L at the time). Miraculously, since then, I haven't tasted defeat for almost 10 whole games, rapidly climbing up the Elo ladder over 200 points in ~3-4 weekends. I was unstoppable.

Then I lost. One game where I finally had a negative KDA. "Eh, no big deal. Bot fed." was pretty much what happened. Or so I thought, until I realized my...
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19 Jan

Views: 711 Thoughts on Jax

I just tried Jax after his remake and I have to say, he has crazy damage, but about zero survivability.

IMO, he should be build AP, the scalings on his W and R are absolutely insane. Also, since it's easier to get AP than it is to get AD, you get more benefits from his ult. It boosts 20% of both your bonus AP and AD, with a flat amount. If you have 500 ap, that's an extra 100 + flat amount.

Lich Bane, Empower, and the third hit on Master-At-Arms is a huge nuke. Incredibly horrendous, even with 400 AP this would hit for about 1000 raw damage, and it happens...
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