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The_Nameless_Bard's Mobafire Blog

19 Dec
-was asked to knit a hat by my youngest brother for christmas (which I've done, obviously), and now need to make a similar one for my middle brother in a different color.

-need to start charting colorwork for a Kennen hat (going to knit a prototype to keep before I knit the real thing for the person who asked for it). This is gonna be a long endeavor, involving a lot of yarn and quite a bit of work.

-Going to rip out and redesign a sweater I'd been working on, I don't like the pattern and I have a neat...
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17 Dec

Views: 719 Have you ever...

sat down to watch a favorite movie...but closed your eyes and listened to the music instead?
you should try it you a whole different perspective.
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15 Dec
-Get gold in solo/duo queue, I'm pretty sure I can if I actually apply myself...and I have some friends I'm gonna play threes with...should be able to get gold there, as well.

-Write some support guides...atm I'm thinking Lulu, Ori, Nidalee, and maybe a couple others. Will probably update my GP guide eventually, as well (not that anyone ever really used it).

-Get my EuW smurf to at least level 15..'cause...yea.

-Start streaming league reasonably often...just for kicks

will probably add more stuff to this list eventually.
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05 Dec
So I'm reading through this post on a facebook group.

These two guys are arguing over the effectiveness of the magic damage passive of Liandry's Torment

One of them says something about how "even pre-mitigation, the amount of damage it deals at lower amounts of health is laughable".

well ok, I suppose that's techinically true, but you're ignoring the idea of percent damage vs. flat damage.

so I offered the comment: "pre-mitigation, 5% of 1600 or 5% of 400 the percentage of health dealt in magic damage is identical, regardless."

he's got to...
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03 Dec
What I've made so far:

decided I wanted to play with making tracks so I looked around for a free program and found LMMS, which works pretty well in general.

if any of the rest of you want to play with it:

To use midis from other sources you need a soundfont (

It's a Linux conversion, so if you have issues with it on Windows I'd recommend using the forums (most of the directions on the help wiki are for Linux).
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