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15 Mar
Hello fellow mobafire browsers!

I am back after a break on a few months, during this time I've played a lot of League of Legends and I have almost risen to Gold elo, then they introduced the new items. Anyway, this time I've made a guide of my new favorite jungle, Xin Zhao, I started to jungle with him after the jungle and item changes, I started to realize how strong he really was, so I decided to give him a try and fell for him. He is now one of my most played champions this season.

Anyway, the link to the guide is...
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25 Oct
Well hello there my fellow MobaFire members, I just wanted to tell you that I have just recently released another guide, I call it Amumu - Dealing bandages since 2009. You can look it up from my profile or the link below.

If you like it you can upvote and keep an eye out for more of my guides, I will be making more and more guides now that Season 3 is approaching and I will also include LoLReplays in those guides.

TheMcDanee out
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22 Sep

Views: 535 Nocturnal Terror

Hello what's up?

I just finished my first real in-depth guide, and this one is for the one and only Nocturne. I felt that there are not that many (in my elo) that knows how to play and build Nocturne, so I took some time and created my guide for him.
The guide will get updates whenever I can. And as of right now I am looking for someone to make some chapter banners for my guide. P.m me if you are interested.

As always here is a link to my guide:
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12 Aug
Hello, just wanted you guys to know that I just finished my guide on Master Yi, it took me a while to make so I appreciate if you don't downvote because you don't like a part of the guide, instead you can tell me and I'll try and improve it.

I will leave a link right here
> for you to click on.

Thanks in advance.
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