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TinyStar's Mobafire Blog

14 Dec

Views: 460 Sick & stuff.

I have been sick and I hate it >.< blah!!!! Thank god I'm on break bc it would suck having to go to school,but I cant stop thinking about the shooting in Newtown today. So sad,people are so crazy in this world. Just keep those parents in your thoughts. Also there were 22 children stabbed in china today. What a sad day ):
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05 Dec

Views: 608 Good game :)

So today I played more LoL and this was my best game today,ik ik some of you ranked people will be like pssssssssh that is nothing but I'm still very proud of myself :3

I guess you could say I had 16 kills because my bf ks from me xD

anyways,I thought I did good :S

*edit* I had three defense items bc mundo was getting really tanky and doing a lot of damage and morgana was getting stronger at the very end,so I needed stuff to water her down. xD
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03 Dec

Views: 484 New fave champ

I was playin LoL with my bf and our friend Austin,so I thought I try a different champ before the new free champions are set up on Tuesday. I normally play Ashe and that's it,but today I did reallllly well with Miss Fortune. I haven't played her since I was like a level a five(?) Ik a lot of people say she is easy to play,but I thought I did good.

We played TT and our enemy team was Draven,Darius,and Pantheon. I can't remember what my bf and austin were,but I had 9 kills,3 deaths,and 3 assist. Austin ks 2 times. Anyways,I thought I did really good for a reuse since level 5....
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27 Nov

Views: 1202 Graphic Anxiety >.>

I really hate it when I let myself get anxious over making graphics. Idk how to explain this,but I'll try. When someone who is really high up here on Moba and they ask me to make something for them I get really nervous and **** it all up. T.T I want to impress them so bad that I just let my creativity go out the window instead of letting it flow. I'm not saying I don't want to make others who aren't high up happy,it's like...idk ): I need to stop letting myself get so anxious.

Idk how to be like,okay cool I'm doing well for someone who's...
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